Pakwashaya Shodhana Basti: Medicated Enemas For Colon Cleanse

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)
Basti is said to be ‘Ardha Chikitsa’ i.e. ‘half of all the treatments available in the creation’. This statements signifies the authority of Vasti in the management of wide array of psycho-somatic diseases. 

Among these, Vasti (including Niruha and Anuvasana) is the best treatment to combat morbid Vata and to cure all disorders caused by vitiated Vata. Vasti also effectively combats the Pitta and Kapha vitiation, and depends on the herbs with which the vasti medicine is formulated.

Vata, the control mechanism of all the activities in the body –
Vata is the main controlling force of all the activities of the body.

Pitta and Kapha are inert elements. They are incapable of producing a disease or disease process unless they are motivated, provoked and mobilized by vitiated Vata. Their natural functions also depend on the motivation provided by normal vayu.

Similarly the functions of all the tissues and organs, the functions of mind, sense organs, motor organs, all the discharges and movements in the system is carried over by the governance of Vata.
The expulsion of wastes from the body is also under its control.
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In short, Vata is the remote control of all the activities of the body, mind and senses. If this Vata gets vitiated, it will start controlling the body in an undesired way and cause lot of diseases and deformities.

Vata being the superior dosha, needs a stronger treatment and attention when it is a in a state of vitiation.
Nothing can control a ‘Vata’ which is ‘out of control’ as is done effectively by Basti treatment.
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Pakwashaya Shodhana Vastis (Effective enemas to cleanse the colon)

Pakwashaya shodhana necessity

Need of colon cleanse – Pakwashaya Shodhana
Pakwashaya or colon is said to be one of the sites of Vayu. Apart from this, it is also the predominant site or control station of Vayu. The Vayu is located predominantly (though it is all pervading) in the lower portion of the body, especially pakwashaya, from where it controls all the activities of the body.

Vitiation of Vata Dosha also means that its sites too are disturbed. Pakwashaya will invariably be disturbed, including its normal functioning, when vayu gets morbid. Thus, vitiation of Vayu is reflected in terms of disturbed activities in the seats of Vayu, predominantly pakwashaya vis-à-vis colon. A contaminated or vitiated pakwashaya in turn becomes a bad home for Vayu.

On the contrary the reverse is also true. If Pakwashaya is contaminated for a long time, the Vayu too will be vitiated and unsettled. Its control over the body functions become disturbed and we are exposed to wide array of diseases.

The Vastis which are helpful in expelling the morbid Vayu will help in recovery of pathology in pakwashaya and make it healthy. The other way is also true. The vastis given to purify or cleanse Pakwashaya or colon, will combat vata vitiation, get it to normalcy and relieve one of all the disorders which have been caused by vitiated Vayu.
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Thus Pakwashaya Shodhana Vastis are helpful in –

  • Removing colon pathology
  • Cure the diseases of large intestine
  • Control and balance vayu
  • Cure diseases caused by morbid vayu
  • To enhance health and immunity of the most important seat of Vata, which is also a remote control for all the activities of the body

Below mentioned are the important Pakwashaya Shodhana Vastis –
Reference of all Vastis mentioned below – Charaka Siddhi Sthanam, Chapter 10, verses 25-27

Madanaphaladi niruha basti

Madanaphaladi Niruha Vasti

  • Madanaphala – Randia dumetorum
  • Jeemutaka – Luffa echinata
  • Ikshwaku – Lagenaria siceraria
  • Dhaamargava – Luffa cylindrica
  • Krutavedhana – Luffa acutangula
  • Vatsaka – Holarrhena antidysenterica (Kutaja)

The decoction of the above said ingredients is mixed with Gomutra (urine of cow) and administered as vasti.

Shyamadi niruha basti

Shyamadi Niruha Vasti

  • Shyama Trivrit – Operculina turpethum
  • Haritaki – Terminalia chebula
  • Bibhitaki – Terminalia bellirica
  • Amalaki – Emblica officinalis
  • Shalaparni – Desmodium gangeticum
  • Danti – Baliospermum montanum
  • Dravanti – Croton tiglium

The decoction of the above said ingredients is mixed with Gomutra (urine of cow) and administered as vasti.

Prakeeryadi niruha basti

Prakeeryadi Niruha Vasti

  • Prakeerya (Karanja) – Pongamia pinnata
  • Udakeerya (Puti karanja) – Caesalpinia bonducella
  • Neelini – Indigofera tinctoria
  • Ksheerini – Ipomoea digitata

The decoction of the above said ingredients is mixed with Gomutra (urine of cow) and administered as vasti.

Saptaladi niruha basti

Saptaladi Niruha Vasti

  • Saptala – Acacia concinna / Acacia sinuata
  • Shankini – Canscora decussata
  • Lodhra – Symplocus racemosa
  • Kampillaka – Mallotus phitippinensis

The decoction of the above said ingredients is mixed with Gomutra (urine of cow) and administered as vasti.

Note – In all the above said Niruhas (decoction or evacuation enemas), the essential ingredients of Vasti i.e. Saindhava lavana (rock salt), Makshika (honey), Sneha (medicated oil or ghee), Kalka (paste of the herbs with which kashaya or decoction is prepared), Kashaya (decoction of the mentioned herbs) and other ingredients like milk etc are added.

Gomutra or urine of cow is added to all the preparations to make the formulations strong, intense acting and effective. Gomutra along with other herbs help in scraping of the morbidity from Pakwashaya, hence cleansing it.
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Just before finishing –
The health of gut, especially colon is often an indication and reflection of body’s health, mind health too. It also reflects the magnitude with which the body is cleansing itself. Healthy colon means healthy vata. Healthy Vata means proper functioning of all aspects of body and mind, a good health and immunity. Colon and vata are remote controllers of the body. Their health is mutually dependant on each other. The above mentioned vastis help in cleansing the pakwashaya or colon of its morbidity and impurities, restores normal functioning of Pakwashaya and the Vata therein and helps the body to keep itself healthy.
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