Jack Coffee: A Health Drink For Tiredness And To Stimulate Mind

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
I am observing huge demand for do-it-yourself health drinks. Because people are well aware that most of the readymade health drinks are prepared in bulk and contain one or the other preservatives, coloring agent, aroma contributing element, stabilizer, pH regulator etc.
So my clients are asking constantly regarding the effective, simple, cheap and nutrition rich drinks that is better than market available green teas, modified coffee etc.

This made me to write this recipe what I usually educate my health clients and it is nothing but the Jack coffee or Coffee that will be prepared by the jack fruit seeds.



20 jack fruit seeds (completely dried or partially dried, are preferred),
seed cover of tamarind seeds(8-10 seeds) – This is to contribute coffee flavour (this is not mandatory; if available Chicory 8 – 10, can also be added)

Utensils required-
A wide mouthed steel vessel, pounding machine /mixer,
spatula/spoon, heating device like gas or electric stove,
trays, collecting vessel

Method of preparation

Method of preparation of Traditional Jack coffee powder-
1. Remove the outer skin of jack fruit seeds. Dry it under sunshade or dry-fry in mild fire till it gives the characteristic mild coffee smell.
2. To this the outer seed cover of tamarind seed (well dried) is added; If moisture is present it is also fried a little (roasted).
3. Both the above ingredients are added together into a mixer jar and moderate coarse powder is made.
4. This is taken in a tray and spread well and kept in sunshine for 30 minutes (this imparts typical coffee odor)
5. This is collected and stored in air tight containers.

Preparation of coffee
As per the general method of preparation of coffee it can be prepared.
1-2 teaspoon of this powder is taken in a vessel containing 12 cup of milk and ¼ cup of water. This is boiled and sweetening agent as per ones desire like sugar or jaggery can be added.
This is filtered and served.

Action, Advantage

Action: As such jack fruit seed is a rich source of energy and it acts as aphrodisiac also.

Note: Due to starchy nature the coffee will be thicker and according to ones liking thickness can be alstered by changing the amount of coffee powder or amount of milk and water.

Advantage:This is not habit forming and free from caffeine content. So undesired effects of coffee like formation of hot flushes or mouth ulcers or constipation etc are not found by this recipe.

Where to buy?
If you can prepare it at home, it is well and good. If not, it is available in the market, in the name Jaffee.
Contact person: Shivanna (Farmer), Sakharayapattana, Chikmagalur District, Karnataka.
Whatsapp number: 94814 09660

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