Clammy Skin (Wet Skin) Causes, Ayurvedic Treatment, Remedies

Article by Dr. MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu)., PhD (Ayu)
Clammy skin or moist skin is seen more commonly in women. As per Ayurveda, it can happen due to two Doshas –
1. Pitta Dosha – Pitta person will be sweating excessively, leading to moist and clammy skin.
2. Kapha Dosha – Kapha person will have cold skin and if he is exposed to moisture, it takes the skin longer time to get rid of the moisture, resulting in clammy skin. 

Irrespective of the reason of origin found as constitutional feature or disease behavior it keeps the individuals in discomfort.

Ayurveda explains this condition as ‘Kledaadhikyata’ (Kleda Adhikya) which means excess of moisture in the body parts especially over the skin surface.

exercise sweating

I have felt some such severe moist conditions in young children too. While writing on the paper their paper gets wet and often they have to keep kerchief beneath their hand so as to prevent the moisture.

The individuals with mild wetness appear glow-full and lustrous; but, if it is more and more,they feel shabby as they get the sensation of excess of perspiration. This is quite more in those who go for make-up and remain outside.


Common causes for Wet skin (Kledadhikyata)
According to Ayurveda the food and beverages increasing Kapha like unctuous-heavy-slow-cold foods will cause moistness in the body surface, especially in skin.
Also day sleep, sedentary life, lack of exercise too contribute in the wetness of the body.

Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurvedic strategy to treat moist skin problem:
If problem is arising due to excess Pitta, such as excess sweating, women nearing to menopause, , excess bleeding, excess body heat, hot summer, skin disorders with secretions, follow –
Pitta Treatment – such as Virechana Panchakarma therapy, coolant therapies.
and Pitta diet

If it is due to excess Kapha, as in case of obese person, people with cold extremities, excess exposure to moisture, etc, follow
Kapha treatment – such as Vamana therapy, udvartana (powder massage), dusting etc.
and Kapha diet

Treat the cause:
If it is due to skin diseases, treat it.
If it is due to menopause, follow these diet and lifestyle tips
If it is due to summer, follow summer regimen 

Useful herbs

Ayurvedic herbs useful in Wet skin (Kledadhikyata)
Hemidesmus indicusit is a coolant and reduces the moisture by its soothing effect.
Usheera-Vittiveria zizinoids-Internal administration of this drug increases the output of urine and hence it considerably decreases the moisture retention in external body surface.
Chandana-Santalum album-coolant, soothing and moist absorbant.
Gokshura-Tribulus terrestris-action is similar to usheera in this context.
Draksha-Vitis vinifera-decreases the burning sensation and helps in attaining the laxative effect.
Amalaki-Emblica officinalis-soothing, replenisher and rejuvenator.
Hareetaki-Terminalia chebula-due to tannin content absorbs the surface moisture.
Ela-Elatteria caradmomum-clears the hair roots and sebaceous glands.
Haridra-Turmeric-Curcuma longa-absorband and skin detox.
Daruharidra-Berberis aristata-similar to the action of turmeric.
Khadira-Acacia catechu-acts due to tannic acid and helps to clear the moisture due to its drying ability.
Kuchandana –Adnenthera povonia –possesses roughness and dryness due to which it is a potent drug to remove the moisture.
Lodhra-Symplocos racemosareduces the moisture and clears the hair roots.

Ayurvedic formulations

Ayurvedic formulations useful in Wet skin (Kledadhikyata)
Amalaka rasayana
Chandrakala rasa
Triphala choorna etc

Home remedies

Few home remedies for Wet skin (Kledadhikyata)
1. Turmeric, tree turmeric (Daru haridra) and Sariva (Indian Sarsaparilla) are taken in equal quantity and fine powder of the ingredients is mixed. To this equal amount of talcum powder is added and dusted over the face, hands and foot or in the areas where wetting is found. Even though it is not a permanent cure it gives considerable benefit in such cases.

2. Fine flour of wheat and talcum are mixed and warmed in a vessel. This is used for dusting in the areas where wetness is found twice a day. This helps to reduce the wetting or moisture.

Do’s and dont’s

Do’s and Don’t’s in Wet skin (Kledadhikyata)
Kapha aggravating food and habits are to be avoided. Proper exercise, timely food, warm water intake, sour food and the skin detox measures are helpful in reducing the moisture in the body. I e wet condition of the skin.

Last drop
We find the use of various cosmetics in reducing the wet skin. Long term usage of such drying agents or tannin rich substances may lead to tanning of the skin surface itself ; which in turn may lead to wrinkling of the skin, shrinkage and loss of luster and complexion etc. ” Cosmetic mask the appearance and not educate the body to mask by itself”- a famous quote of an anonymous natural beautician suggests the same to the mass.
Article by Dr. MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu)., PhD (Ayu) 

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