Onion Jam Recipe For Aphrodisiac Strength And Body Strength

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD (Ayu)
Good sexual strength is the dream of everybody. This is the most confused area of the people too. Because several wrong notions existing regarding ones sexual behaviour, attitude and sexual acts. Also, even the well educated people spend a lot of money in this regard believing that to achieve the ‘higher goal’ or to get ‘extravagant stamina’. Few of them loose the money and other few lose their health too. Because all such medicines contain one or other toxic chemicals or synthetic drugs. Few of them are narcotics, steroids, or addictive agents. So, people are always in need of safe, effective, herbal formulations that invigorate us.

Here is a simple remedy what you can be prepared by yourself using the kitchen remedies.

Red onion jam


Onion juice -200 ml
Ginger juice -50 ml
Cow’s ghee  -50 ml
Organic sugar or jaggery -250 gram
Cumin seeds (fine powder) -1 gram
Cinnamom fine powder -1 gram
Cardamom (fine powder) -1 gram
Saffron (kesar) -1 gram
Honey – 50 ml
(Optional- fine powder of Badam and Cashew nut 5 gm each)

Method of preparation

Obtain the fresh juice of onion and ginger and kept ready.
To this, prescribed quantity of ghee and sugar or jaggary are added and cooked well till it is getting yellowish brown colour (honey like consistency).
Later, it is taken out of the fire and allowed for cooling.
While it is lukewarm fine powder of the remaining ingredients is added and mixed thoroughly. (If at all, Badam, cashew etc are to be added make it into fine powder and fry it a little with ghee and add it)
When it is completely cooled, honey is added and mixed well.

Dosage, Anupana

Dose: 5-10 gram twice daily
Vehicle: Milk
Or else it can be used along with Idly, dosa etc like jam/ jelly.

Action, Indications

Action: Tonic, rejuvenator, complexion enhancer, aphrodisiac.
Indications:Nerve disorder, chronic cough, anaemia, post fever debility, lethargy, indigestion, sexual debility, night fever etc.
Note: Those who are having Diabetes are advised to avoid the formulation. Also, if the patients are having BPH, this remedy should not be administered in large quantity or for a very long period of time.

6 thoughts on “Onion Jam Recipe For Aphrodisiac Strength And Body Strength”

  1. Is the recipe useful for both male & female and for all age group, i.e. children, youth, adults and old age persons?

    • There are many other options for diabetics such as – a teasppon of Ashwagandha, with a cup of hot milk at night, Kapikacchu capsule, Tentex forte tablet etc.


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