Small Tender Coconut Fruit Remedy For Bed Wetting

Tender budding coconut fruit is often thrown away as waste. But it is a very useful remedy for bed wetting complaint, usually seen in children. The budding coconut developing from the inflorescence, approximately when they are 10-15 gram size (appearing like size of matured arecanut, avocado or ordinary guava fruit) are used in this home remedy.  

Usually in coconut garden, plenty of such budding coconuts are found fallen in the bottom of the trees.
These tender coconut fruit buds possess astringent principle(Kashaya rasa) and stabilizing agent (sthirikara bhava). Hence it acts as an effective simple but noble remedy in nocturia; i e bed wetting.

tender small coconut

It strengthens the muscles and ligaments of genitalia that is how it probably acts. Also it builds the restorating ability of the urine in the bladder.


Tender budding coconut-1
5-10 ml of water
Honey-1-2 ml

Utensils required:
One clean stone plat form, Spoon.

Method of preparation

Method of preparing the home remedy:
The outer thick skin of the tender bud of coconut is removed. White colored front portion is faced towards the stone platform and rubbed well by adding 5-10 ml of water. Thus 1-2 teaspoon of fine paste is obtained.
This is mixed with little honey (1-2 ml) and administered to the kids who are having the complaint of bed wetting.
15-21 days regular medication (preferably in the evening or early morning) gives good results.
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I have observed its good effect even in the cases of Phosphatuira and Proteinuria conditions. In women, non specific and non infective leucorrhoea cases also its good effect can be observed.
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    • Hi, ideally it needs to be prepared everyday. however, the paste can be kept in refrigerator for 1 – or 2 days time for reuse.


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