Synonyms of the term Vyadhi (Disease) as per Ayurveda

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa
Different terms are used to denote the state of ill-health as per Ayurveda. Though these terms look quite similar to each other, there are subtle variation in their meanings based on contest.

Synonyms of Vyadhi –
Vyadhi – that which causes troublesome features, pain and grief of various types in the body and mind
Aamaya – Many diseases are manifested due to the presence of ama in the body. Ama is the improperly processed, immature nutritional juice or essence formed in the stomach due to weak digestion, which by the virtue of its sticky nature tends to block and clog the channels of the body depriving them of the essential nutrients, damaging the cells and causing various diseases. Since the diseases are formed from ama, they are called amaya.

Vyadhi paryaya

Gada – That which attacks the body like a mace is called Gada. Gada is a synonym of Vyadhi. The person who is attacked by the mace either gets seriously injured or dies. Similarly the person who is attacked by a disease either gets destroyed or loses his life. This might happen at once or as a slow process in bits and parcels. Since the disease destroys the person like a mace (mace=gada), it is called as gada.

Aatanka – that which pushes the afflicted person into the web of troubles and makes the life difficult is called Vyadhi.
Yakshma – Yakshma means group of symptoms or group of diseases like a syndrome. Since all diseases like Rajayakshma are a group of symptoms or collection of diseases, Vyadhi is also called as Yakshma.

Jwara – Jwara actually means fever. The fever generates high temperature or rise of heat in the body and also in the mind and disturbs the whole system. Similarly any disease, just like jwara troubles the body and mind. Therefore Jwara is a synonym of Vyadhi.
Vikara – Vikara means deviation from normalcy. When any disease is manifested, the body and mind starts behaving abnormal. Therefore Vyadhi is also called as Vikara.

Roga – Roga is derived from the root word Ruja which means pain. All diseases are associated with one or the other form of unpleasant pain. Therefore Vyadhi is called as Roga.
Paapmaa – Papa means sin. Ayurveda believes that diseases like kushta (skin diseases) are caused due to the sins committed in the previous birth or in present time. Since the diseases are caused as an effect of sin Vyadhi is also called as Paapma.

Aabaadhaa – Badha means obstruction or block or pain. In any disease there is obstruction to smooth functioning of the body and or mind which leads to pain and grief. Therefore Vyadhi is also called Aabadhaa or that which is caused due to badha or obstruction.
Dukha – Dukha means grief or trouble. Any disease troubles the body and or mind and also produces grief and or pain. Thus Dukha is a synonym of Vyadhi.

Ruk – Ruk means pain, all diseases are associated with pain of various intensities.
Rujaa – Rujaa has the same meaning of Ruk. That which causes pain, trouble in the body is called Rujaa.
Upataapa – Vyadhi or disease causes rise in heat or troubles the body and or mind in the form of raised heat (tapa or santaapa). Therefore Vyadhi is called Upataapa.
Aadhi – Aadhi means pain. That which causes pain and discomfort in the body and mind is called Aadhi or Vyadhi.

Tama – Tama means darkness. Being afflicted by serious diseases one can feel hopeless and as if they are lost in darkness. Vyadhi is also called as Tama.
Dosha Prakriti – Prakriti means root cause. The root cause of all the diseases is vitiated doshas. Therefore Vyadhi is called Dosha Prakriti.
Dosha – Since the doshas (vitiated) produce vyadhi, vyadhi is also called as dosha.

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