Office Syndrome: Effective Ayurveda Treatment

Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu)., PhD.
Among the burning health issues, Office syndrome stands in top position now-a- days. That too among the clients who work in office for more than 8 hours or who spend restless 2-3 hours in a single place in area.

The incidence remains in higher range among the old aged and in the women of 40-45 age group. Even though several factors contribute in this respect, most significantly following are remaining as the striking causes for Office Syndrome.

Causative factors

Causative factors for Office Syndrome: 
Inappropriate work place (lack of space for the free movement of the leg, hand, shoulder or other body parts)
Lack of rest
Mental stress
Job dissatisfaction/torture
Inappropriate sitting position
Lack of back rest/back support
Lack of wrist support
Support less neck/head
Rigid/congested work place
Lack of sanitation
Lack of exercise facility in office premises etc

Characteristic features

Characteristic features of Office Syndrome: 
Shoulder pain
Pain in the arm
Inflammation/swelling in the dependent parts, especially near the shoulder or leg
Wrist joint pain
Neck pain
Joint rigidity etc

Eventual effect of above features of Office syndrome: 
Ultimately this may lead to various disorders like Diabetes mellitus, Hyper tension, Urinary calculi, Obesity, Hyper cholesterol, joint pain/osteo arthritis, Gall stones, Migraine head ache, Back ache, Vision syndromes etc.

Often the individual may develop job dissatisfaction, hatredness, depression, schizophrenia and such other psychological disorders too.

Useful tips

Measures to overcome Office Syndrome: 
Enough rest and change of position once in 30 minutes
Moving exercises
Enough water intake
Proper letting of natural urges like urination, bowel habit, sleep, flatus, thirst, appetite etc
Mental exercises/game and entertainment in between or at the end of the day
Swimming practices
Reading and relaxation
Charity and social service
Nutritious diet
Medicaments which pacifies Kapha and Vata are useful in this respect

Ayurvedic formulations

Effective herbal formulations against Office Syndrome: 
Ksheerabala taila(101) capsules
Gokshuradi guggulu
Chandraprabha vati
Yogaraja guggulu
Brahma rasayana
Brahmi vati
Manasamitra vati etc

Do’s and dont’s

Do’s and Don’ts in case of Office Syndrome: 
Nutritious diet, timely food, enough rest, regular exercise, joyal work atmosphere and good working spirit will make you disease free. This is most concerned in the cases like Office syndrome.

Hurry, worry and ever business should be avoided. Heavy food, junk food, heavy fasting, sedentary life etc are to be avoided in the conditions like Office syndrome.

Last drop
In this competition era people work hard irrespective of their cadre and nature of work.
Even though it is inevitable in most of the occasions the individuals as well as responsible higher authorities should take some initiation to provide humanitarian consideration by all respect and irrespective of position/cadre, salary, nature of work etc.

As the life is very short, we should take enough care and caution to maintain the health; because we are the people to spend the money we have earned and work is mere for earning and easy living….. Not for mere achievement of higher cadre!
Dear ones. Your job, work place, fellow people and postures will also determine your health condition. Take care and I wish you a pleasureful work, work place and work atmosphere….
Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu)., PhD.

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