8 Useful Tips To Inject Energy To Your Relationship

Article by Etti Sharma.
Now-a-days people have become so busy that they do not want to spend time with family. Rather than finding meanings for their relationships with more loveful involvement and engagements, they try to find a quick-fix to relationships in self-help books. Relationship is the connection between two people, organization or countries etc. Being a 31 year old, I used to think so many times, from where this word Management came from ? Why there is a need of management in relationship?

At last I found out that, all relationship problems arise due to lack of trust, love, respect and care for each other.
Here are a few tips to nurture and give a boost to your relationships.

love relationship

1) Be less ego-centric: Try to understand your spouse or children from their perspective. Observe their routine, what are the things that they hate, things that they love, etc. Correct your behavior so that they feel encouraged to talk to you.

2) Be more responsible: Do not blame anyone for good or bad things happening in your life. Stand up, be bold and take up responsibility. Take charge of your life. Analyse situations, adjust better, act faster.

3) Do not hurriedly break relationships: Before you open your mouth to yell at someone, before an altercation, before abusing someone, take a long breath and ask yourself –
Is it really necessary?
Will it solve the problem?
Is there any better way than this?
Remember, breaking someone’s heart and relationship is easy. But it may take a whole life to get back the lost trust and love.
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4. Do not think what the other did to you first think what u did for others. Expect less from others.

5. Start giving, start contributing, start sharing and be thankful to God what He has given to you .

6. Keep smiling. Happiness and smiles are contagious. Let us spread it everywhere.

7. Never miss a chance to hug, kiss, to say “I love you”, “I care about you” etc. These small things bring a sense of surety in relationship.

8. Enjoy the most! When you are blessed with a loveful moment, enjoy it the most. Make it very memorable so that you can set that moment as standard for your life. This helps to ease moments of despair in your relationship.

9. When a relationship is breaking down, try to go for a trip with your partner. Change in place will inject freshness to your relationship and will change the mood.

8. Remember those lovely moments that you enjoyed with your spouse / friend. They have not gone anywhere. They are just hiding in the future. Just work your way to unmask the present darkness and re-live all those past fun-filled moments. If it was possible yesterday, it is possible tomorrow.

Spend time with each other and share some good moments.
Life is too short to live with hatred.
Life is beautiful. Sing, dance and love!

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