Tips For Working Women: Don’t Split Your Hair At Work

Article by Ms Gomathi Reddy.
This was about 2 months back.
I was rummaging through my bag for the 3rd time, after having gotten into my office cab. I checked and rechecked. I made sure that I didn’t forget my purse, my mobile, those wet tissues, and the low-calorie fibre cookies, and ….oh holy crap…I forgot to pick up my vanity kit with my comb, compact and cologne! That’s my life saver kit to stay confident despite the new-peek-a-boo bags that are beginning to appear under the eyes, after years of staring at the laptop for 10 hours a day, and probably because of postponing my bio-break for as long as I can, during those office hours.

Urghhh…. the sight of me with my dripping and dishevelled hair, certainly sounds like the epochal bad hair day. I just had time to wash my hair and get into the cab at the pick-up point.  Morning hours are a mess. There is very little time for groomed IT job which is increasingly getting filled with painted, prefer-to-stay-single girls. As a woman who values being feminine and who is proud of being a mother; of being just herself despite holding a knowledge-centric job for a living, I can be quite a life-size- icon for all things chaotic.

Middle aged working women

As my co-passengers looked through me as if I don’t exist, I was glad that this complete disassociation with younger colleagues is a blessing in IT jobs.  You don’t have to waste your time being nice to people and like them you too can wear an “attitude” by peering at the driver’s river view, as if none of them existed.  Urghhh….the hair was a notch messier, though the naturally beautiful skin was a saving grace.  I decided to brave the day with a top-knot held in place with a clutch clip.

That left me wondering, as to how my naturally glossy wavy hair become so frizzled and sparse with split ends over the years. Do middle-aged women ever consider that they were not born middle-aged? Why do we begin to notice our steady, quick march to middle-ages, much after it gets amplified over every noticeable part of our body, including the hair and nails?

Hair and nails, they say, are an indicator of a healthy you – at every age. If they are shining, and aren’t chipped or split then everything internal, is apparently in top shape. My mother used to say that it’s the body’s way of asking you to look within, when you’ve forgotten all about the inside you. What a beautiful metaphorical observation for every woman over 30!  As I stared in disbelief at “my inside me,” I decided to do something about my primary health indicator – my crowning glory, which was now beginning to look like sparse cover over a damaged, arid, cricket pitch.

That evening I came home, and decided to bring just 5 small changes into my life. And I did, very seriously follow those for the next 45 days, until it became part of my routine.  The result was phenomenal.

You too can try adopting and adapting these 5 steps to your own lifestyle, for some positive results, inside out; And to your crowning glory.

1. Every minute, be at peace with yourself. If your boss is constantly making you look like a workaholic chimp in front of younger colleagues, remember that he is now using you to groom the next bhakra for the group. Bosses pepper some decent public appreciation and brand someone as a workaholic, only to sucker up the others in the group. Younger colleagues make their jobs easier, as they end up wanting to be seen as giving their best – the more vulnerable, sincere and hard-working you are, the better and easier it is for the management.

Be aware of this golden rule of management. So take the compliments, smile, get the group-selfies done, BUT…BUT…accept yourself as you are, stop being a people-pleaser, stay aware of your rights as an employee.

2. Every hour apply the 8 x 2 rule. – Every hour tick off one of these 8 items for the day  –  2 strands of saffron, 2 fruits, 2 almonds, 2 fistfuls of greens, 2 fistfuls of dhal, 2 cups of vegetables, 2 cups of rice and 2 rotis a day – across breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wash it all down with at least 2 litres of water. Once in 6 months, make sure you take 2 days off for a parasite cleanse of your system.

3. Every morning, get 30 minutes of YOU time. Walk, run, jog or squat for a 30-minute yoga routine every morning. Start today, even if you’ve neglected yourself all these years. Make that effort to bring this most important lifestyle change. Breathe more life into your heart, lungs, spleen, liver, pancreas and your intestines. Spruce them up for a longer life, because YOU are precious.

4. Every night, massage your scalp. Use Olive, coconut oil, almond, sesame oil, mustard or any one of your favourite oils.  As much as possible stick to natural, unprocessed, unscented oils to get the maximum nutrition to your scalp. Warm your favourite oil, apply it to your hair roots, spend 10 minutes massaging your scalp with your fingers gently, before you go to sleep. Get a good night’s sleep for at least 6 hours.
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5. Remember, you only work to live. We don’t live to work. Don’t take pride in being christened a “workaholic.” In reality, that term implies that you are a moron with little creativity to enjoy your life. Remember, all sensible women head to work only so that they can live the life they want. Do spend enough time with your family, friends and loved ones – Nourishing relationships nourish the heart, the mind, the soul – and the hair!

About the author: Gomathi Reddy is a single-parent, writer and learning & knowledge services resource. In this column she shares her personal experiences and perspectives, which she hopes will help anyone wanting to live a full life. You can reach her at [email protected]

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  1. Thank you Ms Gomathi Reddy, for explain this useful information relate to hair. Actually my hair is to short and it’s not silky and it is feeling uncomfortable to me. Can you suggest me a useful hair care remedies for my hair. Please if it is possible then share with me.


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