Ayurvedic Fresh Ginger Extract – Adrak Satwa

Ginger (Sanskrit- Ardraka) is a well known spice and Ayurvedic herb appreciated for its effective carminative and digestive effects. It is also a potent anti-flatulent spice.  

Fresh ginger

In Ayurveda special kind of dosage form is referred by name Satwa kalpana.  The word Satwa can be translated as ‘essence ‘ or ‘extract’.

Video explanation

Analysis of these formulations have shown rich starch content. So commonly Satwa formulations are called as the starchy preparations of the herbs.

Among them Ardraka satwa is well known and generally used by the traditional Ayurvedic practitioners. But getting original Ardraka satwa is a difficult task. This is because, procedure of obtaining the Satwa is a time consuming and laborious procedure.

Secondly Pharma companies are not interested to prepare such formulations as the demand of such classical products is also less. Another important hurdle is percentage of yield of Satwa is very minimum (as low as 3-5% yield) and hence it is not a quick and maximum profit yielding product.

With this view this presentation of Photos is made so as to educate the people who are in need can prepare themselves and get benefited out of the genuine herbal formulations.

Ingredients required

Well matured, non infested rhizomes of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) -400 grams
Water- 400 ml

Instruments and devices required:
Weighing machine, measuring jar, knife, mortar and pestle, cloth for filtration, vessels, steel plates/enamel tray, storage vessels/polythene bags

Method of preparation

  1. Wet rhizome of Ginger is taken and washed well.
  2. Outer skin is peeled off.
  3. The rhizomes are cut into pieces and taken in a mortar and pounded well with pestle. Thus the fine paste is obtained.
  4. To this fine paste, equal amount of water is added and macerated well.
  5. It is then filtered across a clean cloth.
  6. The filtrate liquid is left undisturbed for a while so that the solid part – Satwa precipitates at the bottom.
  7. It is gradually decanted and white coloured(often with green or brown tinges) precipitate is found at the bottom of the vessel.
  8. This amorphous precipitate is air dried or shade dried.
  9. The plaques of starchy material thus obtained is collected and stored.

Dose, Anupana, Action

Children aged about 3 years-8 years: 50mg
8-14 years: 100 mg
Above 14 years: 200 mg-400 mg

Honey, powdered salt or warm water

Carminative (Deepana), digestive (Pachana), antiflatulent (Vatanulomana), antispasmodic(Shoolaghna)

Indication, precautions

Indigestion (Ajeerna), Adhmana (Distention of abdomen),
Head ache (Shirashoola), Gaseous tumours (Gulma), Anorexia (Aruchi) etc

The medicine cannot be taken without physicians due advice as some may develop burning sensation or burning while urination.
Article by Dr MS Krishnamurthy.

13 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Fresh Ginger Extract – Adrak Satwa”

  1. Respected Sir If we wanted filtered precipitated solid particles of ginger then why is there a need for filtering the paste ? Is it not similar to SAUNTH(shunti) just a tad bit more fine. Isn’t it ?

  2. I was searching the internet for so much time to find such articles. Thanks for giving such valuable information about Ayurvedic ginger extract along with its methods of preparation. It proved to be a great help.

    • The method of preparation of adrak satva is as explained in the article above.
      It is useful in tonsillitis, sore throat (along with honey) and hoarseness of voice.

  3. Dear Dr.,
    Thanks for this informative article. I have a general doubt though, in our family we had been using ginger juice/extract for many years for Pitta conditions. But I had ever been seeing that we let the ginger extract stand for a while and use only the clear juice and discard away the white sediment that forms at the bottom of the vessel. It was said that the white sediment is harmful for health. But in this article I learn something very different from what I was believing until now can you please clarify.
    Krishna Kumar R.Iyer

    • Hi, the white sediment is the starch part with the above said benefits. While drinking its juice, you can retain or discard it.

  4. hello Dr J V, I am really appreciated from yours. hopefully, on every article, there are full of info. that will help me a lot.


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