Most Important Thing That Kids Need From Us: Our Time!

By Harshita.
We cannot deny the fact that the children love toys immensely. They love their birthdays, irrespective of their age, because of the gifts, they get on that day. Most of the times, we parents go an extra mile to buy things for our children, just to experience the joy on our children’s face, when they receive a new toy. But very few of us realize that the kids need our presence more than our presents. You need not be a rich or a generous parent to be a good parent.

Some individuals would have had best of toys, latest gadgets and most expensive and comfortable car, while growing up, but lack attachment with their parents, since they would be busy earning, to provide comforts to their children. These children would not need their parents for anything except for financial support.

spend time with kids

Close-knit relationship between the child and the parent, which gives the kid secured feeling, is established at a very young age through baby-talks and physical touch.  It is crucial for the psychological and social development of the child.

Home is the first school and mother (rather, parents) is the first teacher. The kids learn basic skills like talking, walking, eating, using toilets etc at home, from us. No one understands the children better than their parents themselves. So when we are present in their life, we can shape them into the individual we know they can be.

My eight year old son would always think about the things, which he had lost years ago. He would crib for a toy or a pencil; he had lost and could not concentrate on the present.  Recently when we were travelling by car, I asked him what he would do if there is a speed breaker on the road. He said that he would slow down the car, get over the speed breaker then move ahead. I related this to the real time situation and explained him that there will be small hurdles in life too. We didn’t stop driving because of a speed breaker, we should not keep cribbing and stop living life. Otherwise we cannot reach our destination.

He understood it better this time. Examples and Experiences help children understand and learn new things easily. Most of the times, we can understand the problem that our children is going through, when we spend time with them and we can help them to get over it, when we have time for them.

The physical touch of parents has many benefits with new-born, as well as growing kids. Our touch can lower stress hormone Cortisol in the child’s body, leading to a better sleeping pattern. Physical touch increases bonding hormone Oxytoxin in a new-born. Benefits of skin-to-skin contact also include baby’s brain development, breast feeding encouragement and protection against feeling of separation.

When children are sick or hurt, there is nothing like a kiss of their mother or a snuggle from their father. Let us make time to pamper our kids. A little hug now and then and tucking them to bed would draw them close.

When we help our child to complete his homework, cheer him during his football game, sit next to her while playing guitar, this helps them gain self-confidence and provides a big boost to their self-esteem.

Communication with parents is essential for building critical skills in children. This improves grammar, vocabulary and social skills of the child.

Being present in your child’s life is more important than the presents, because it improves the quality of your child’s life. Let’s not let their childhood slip away without us being involved. Let us not miss any opportunity to show them that they are cared and loved, unconditionally.
Happy mother’s day!

2 comments on “Most Important Thing That Kids Need From Us: Our Time!

  • Kanaiyalal

    10/05/2015 - 6:28 pm

    Goood article now i will try to spend much time with my children

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    12/05/2015 - 3:38 am

    Sadly Parents don’t have time as States have hijacked TIME>. Massive change needs to happen in Economics, Politics, Business, Environment, Technology to enable Life to enable Family Time to be valuable for LIFE. We are all paying for this both direct and indirect with untold damage to Welfare and Health of Family Life. Family Time has become a dirty business globally. Change is IMMINENT>.

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