Ayurveda Is Best Medical System For You – 10 Strong Reasons

Article By Dr Krishnamurthy.
It is the question of millions of people very often asked in the social media and with the herbalists as well as the practitioners of Ayurveda – “Why we need Ayurveda system of medicines?” Having more than 18 years of clinical practice and academic teaching experience, I place before you 10 strong reasons to judicially apply the Ayurvedic medical knowledge for the well being of the mankind.

1. Strong fundamental principles like:
a. Tridosha, Saptadhatu and Trimala siddhanta
b. Panchamahabhoota siddhanta
c. Vimshati guna(20 basic qualities) parikalpana
d. Concept of the cognition of Atma, Indriya and Manas
e. Karya-kaarana siddhanta(Cause and effect)
f. Rasapanchaka (Rasa (taste), Guna (qualities), Veerya (potency), Vipaka (taste conversion after digestion), and Prabhava (special effect) concept etc.

Read these chapters to understand above principles better :
Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana Chapter 1 – Quest For Longevity
Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutra Sthana Chapter 1: Basic Principles of Ayurveda


In recent years, so many new medicinal systems have been evolved, we find the change of subject, bio-chemical values, signs and symptoms, line of treatments, medicinal formulations etc. Whereas none of the Ayurvedic principles have changed so far in these 5000 years and cannot be, here after too.

But quite interestingly, understanding the Ayurvedic principles through modern parameters may be difficult; because the substances of Dosha-Dhatu (body tissues) – mala (waste products) – srotas (body channels) – manas (mind) – atma (soul) – indriya (sense organs) etc. cannot be understood in its whole sense by any physico-chemical or bio-chemical parameters.

2. Ayurveda treats body as a whole
Even though the disease is a separate entity, emphasis is given to treat the disease condition by understanding the root cause and duly treating the Doshic variations, by strengthening the body tissues (dhatus). Ayurveda believes that Dosha vriddhi (Doshic vitiation) and Dhatubala haani (diminishing of the strength of the tissues) are the main factors contributing in the manifestation of the disease. Thus treatment of the root cause of the disease is the superiority of Ayurveda.

3. Ayurveda advocates more of the preventive measures
Even though 1-3% of human population is always suffering from one or other kind of diseases, remaining 97-99% is not aware of the existing diseases or sub clinical manifestations. Otherwise, they are not educated about the factors regarding how healthy status can be maintained / promoted. This is the strong area of Ayurvedic system of medicines.

Rasayana – anti ageing therapy is the unique contribution of Ayurveda to the world. Unfortunately, this concept is yet to be explored and adopted fully.

4. The medicines prescribed in Ayurveda are safer and less toxic
Though I am personally  not ready to say that they are toxin free or side effect free, I can propose strong argument to the concerned ones to prove that how Ayurvedic herbal or herbo-mineral preparations are much safer and effective in treating variety of diseases.

5. Ayurvedic medicines are time tested and proven
Ayurveda is the system of medicine practised from more than 5000 years, So are the herbs and medicines described in Ayurvedic text books. Good rationality can be identified in the line of treatment as well as the formulation designed by the ancient Indian seers. Longer and successful stories surely narrate about the effectiveness of the remedies as well as treatment procedures.

6. Ayurveda system is not very particular about naming of any disease or fixed medicines for a particular disease unlike modern system of medicine.
According to the Dosha dominance, percentage (grade) of affliction, site of affliction etc. Ayurveda advises to adopt the line of treatment and suitable medicinal formulations.
This is why, the medicinal formulations told 5000 years back are found to be effective even now, without modifications and drug-resistance towards those formulations. Also, if the disease is understood properly, according to the Ayurvedic understanding, treatable and curable diseases have effective treatment in Ayurveda.

7.Treatment for lifestyle diseases
Due to changing lifestyle, unhealthy food-habits and atmospheric conditions, newer diseases are emerging with time. The measures explained under Ritucharya and Dinacharya (Routines of day and season) are the guidelines for all the individuals of any religion, nation, food habits, economic status etc.

8. Maintenance of Mental health
While explaining the diseases, their understanding and line of treatments, Ayurveda focuses upon mental health along with physical health. The personal regimens, attitudes, exercises and lifestyles explained in Ayurveda are more adoptable to overcome the anxiety and stress which are prime factors of current day ill health conditions.

9. Ayurveda explains unique formulations to increase the immunity of the individuals.
Separate treatment models have been explained to treat the disease found in children, during pregnancy, puerperal disorders, old age etc. If these are adopted properly, money and time can be saved. Unique methods of rejuvenation quoted in Ayurvedic texts are the added advantages to prevent the recurrences or else to reduce the severity of the illnesses.

10. The dose manifestation, wholesome and unwholesome food and habits, time of administration of medicines and vehicle/Anupana advocated with respect to the disease and formulations makes Ayurvedic medicines and treatment very unique, effective, safer, non drug resisting and holistic.

Are these points not sufficient to appreciate Ayurvedic medicines and treatments? Feel free to write your opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. I have suffered pains and swellings and what not due to Rheumatoid Arthritis in last 15 years. Felt almost crippled, unable to use stairs. Met best of Vaids/Drs and took their medicines, maintained diets as they said. Yet they could not get rid of my pains, swellings, crippleness, etc. WHY??? Now finally I am on medicines given by an Expert alopath Doctor. I feel more than 50 % better after three months of treatment. Now he made some changes in second line of treatment. I feel happier. Please give your comments.


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