Patala Garudi – Cocculus hirsutus Uses, Dose, Research

Patala Garudi – Cocculus hirsutus is an Ayurvedic herb used in treating intestinal worm infestations, Sun stroke, migraine, anorexia etc. It also possesses antimicrobial potential.

Botanical Name- Cocculus hirsutus(Linn) Diels.
Family- Menispermaceae

Vernacular names

Names in different languages:
Hindi Name- Jalajamani,  Patal garudi, Jal jamani, Jamtike bel
Tamil name- Katukkodi
Bengali name- Humera
Telugu name- Dusari Balli, Doosariteega
Gujarati name – Patala Garoli, Vevati
Marathi name – Vasanavel

Sanskrit synonyms

Garudi, Chilahinta, Vatsadani, Somavalli, Vikranta, Mechaka, Tarkshi, Sauparni, Vasani,
Maha bala, MahaMoola – having long roots
Deerghakanda, Drudhalata, Deerghavalli – A tall climber, creeper

Classical categorization

Raja Nighantu – Guduchyadi Varga

Major chemical constituents

Roots- D- Trilobine & DL- Coclaurine
Stem & Root- Triobine, isotrilobine, Coclurine, mangnoflorine hirsudol, Cohirsine, Cohirsinine, Hirsutine, Shaheenine, Cohirstinine, Jamatinine, Haiderine etc, Alkalodids
(Reference: Illustrated Dravyaguna VIjnana, Vol. II, by Dr JLN Shastry)

Medicinal properties

Patala Garudi – Cocculus hirsutus Medicinal Properties:
Rasa (taste) – Tikta (bitter)
Veerya – Ushna Hot potencuy
Guna (qualities) – Laghu (Lightness), Picchila (Stickiness)
Vipaka – Katu Undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion
Prabhava – Vishaghna – anti-poisonous, anti-toxic
Effect on Tridosha; It balances all the three Doshas.

Part used, dosage

Part used- Root, Leaf
Dosage- Juice extract – 10-20 ml

Sanskrit verse



Patalagaruda – Cocculus hirsutus uses:
Vrushya – aphrodisiac, improves vigour
Santarpani – Nourishing
Ruchya – improves taste, relieves anorexia.
Indicated in
Daha –  burning sensation, as in gastritis, neuropathy, burning sensation in eyes etc
Asradosha – Blood impurity, blood vitiation disorders such as skin diseases, bleeding disorders etc
Vishadosha – Poisoning, toxic conditions
It is a good diuretic and soothes urinary tract.
In  poisonous bites, it is applied externally to relieve burning sensation and toxicity.
It is used in treating premature ejaculation.
Used in treating urinary tract infections, skin disorders and fever.
It is used in treating sun stroke, excess body heat. For this, its root juice extract – 20 ml is administered along with half a teaspoon of sugar.
Its root decoction (Moola Kashaya) is administered along with Pippali (long pepper) in treating Amavata – rheumatoid arthritis.
When put to water, it absorbs water and swells to form gel like semi-solid.
It is used in treating high blood pressure, gout, headache, neuralgia.
It heals fractures quickly.

Interaction with medicines, supplements

Can this be used while taking Homeopathic medicine?
Yes. This product does not react with homeopathic medicine.

Can this medicine be continued while taking supplements like multivitamin tablets, Omega 3 fatty acids etc?
Yes. Generally, this product goes well with most of the dietary supplements. However, if you are taking more than one product per day, please consult your doctor for an opinion.

With western medicines
Seek your doctor’s advice if you are taking this product along with other western (allopathic / modern) medicines. Some Ayurvedic herbs can interact with modern medicine.
If both Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are advised together, then it is best to take Allopathic medicine first, wait for 30 minutes and then take the Ayurvedic medicine.


Anti-microbial activity of the root – Ethanolic and crude alkaloidal fraction extracts showed concentration dependent antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus, E coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Salmonella typhi.
Phytochemical studies

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  1. Thanks. Will write about it.
    Guduchi is used as one among the four rasayanas (anti ageing herb as per Charaka Samhita Chikitksa Sthana 1st chapter).
    If you have the reference for Guduchyadi Medhya rasayana, please share.

  2. sir i have some information need this plant cocculus hirustus
    how to use of chemical in extraction process
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  3. There are no recorded side effects with its leaves. The above listed benefits are also attributed to leaves.

  4. Is it the same herb used for treatment of migraine? Is this used as a chain/pendant that people wear to manage migraine?


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