6 Ways Walking Improved My Life – 9 Tips For Beginners

Article by Harshita.
Since childhood, I hardly used to fall sick and was always physically active and fit. I was never a fussy eater. I hardly have any memory of visiting a doctor. For seasonal cold and cough, home remedy used to work fine. I was very positive towards my health, I think that made me feel healthier and stronger.

According to a recent survey conducted by Duke University, a person’s opinion of his or her health stands out as a key to good health and longevity. The study also suggests that the attitude can tip a balance between life and death.

Same attitude continued after wedding also. After both the deliveries, I recovered fast and got back to my normal routine within few weeks. Well, the praises from the doctors, my husband and others backed my attitude further. My husband and my son used to pull my leg (in good humor) saying “My mummy is strongest”.


I had already quit my job and was enjoying my motherhood. I never thought that even I could have health issues. I started putting on weight, I was lethargic and sweating, I used to get frequent headaches and so on. After a complete health check up, I was diagnosed to have high cholesterol.

I started taking medicines and going for walk, as per doctor’s prescription. Also, I strictly avoided the food and activities, which the doctor had proscribed. For example, I avoided,

  • Excess rice items, sweets, coconut, groundnuts and more.
  • Sleeping immediately after eating.
  • Eating immediately after work out.
  • Oil fried, non-vegetarian food.

By following just a few simple and basic routines, I could lose considerable amount of weight in just a couple of months.

How walking helped me?
In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical to go for walk since there are hardly any parks around my house. I managed to find a street with comparatively lesser traffic and a descent footpath. I would listen to music on radio, while walking.

Involuntarily many memories and thoughts started flowing in. Sometimes, I would laugh to myself, thinking of some funny incidents during school and college days. This made me feel lighter and younger at heart.

Many a times, I think about how I handled certain situations and how I could have handled it better. Some times, I feel bad for scolding my children and then I realize that I should have made them to understand the problem and circumstances instead of scolding. This helps me to evolve as a better person and a better mother.

The 45 minutes, while walking, are completely mine. I enjoy this “my own time”!!! Most of the married women with kids know the true meaning as well as value of “my own time”.

I realized that I need to care for myself, to be healthier, to be happier. This doesn’t mean that I am being selfish. The woman, the mother, the wife is like a pillar that supports the structure. She is a lamp, whose brightness lights the life of others. Brighter the lamp, more will be the light. So I have to be healthy and happy to take my family in the positive direction. For example; I started having lunch and dinner before my kids. This way, I am more patient while feeding them.

I decided to continue learning German, which I had to stop because of time constraint. I believe that having a sense of purpose in life is very important. It keeps us healthier and happier.

The walking period gave me the time and opportunity for introspection, which is difficult to accommodate in our busy schedule.

Tips which will help you get more out of walking

  • Do not over strain yourself. In the beginning, you can walk for just 15 minutes and then gradually increase the duration. So, you can start your walk this way.
  • I go for walking during morning hours because I get up early and will be free after my son leaves for school. I know it will not be the same with all, especially with working women.
  • You can walk in the evening when your kid is playing in the park. If you have a tight schedule, you can manage to walk in the office.
  • They say it is necessary to walk at least 10,000 steps everyday, to be healthy. Perhaps, many companies are too conscious about the health of their employees. They conduct seminars regarding healthy lifestyle regularly. They organize health check-up camps. Few companies have also provided their employees with pedometer, to monitor how much they walk!!
  • If you are hesitant to go for a walk, you can ask one of your family members to join you. Nothing will be more rewarding if your husband joins you for walking. Both of you will be benefited with good health and also it strengthens your relationship.
  • After walking, I do simple stretching exercises for 10- 15 minutes, when the body is still warm. One can burn more calories by this. After the body cools down, I drink at least 2 glasses of water to re-hydrate myself.
  • You can also do simple stretching exercises like arm rotation, neck rotation, hip rotation – 10 rounds each – clockwise and anticlockwise while walking.
  • Buy a pair of comfortable sports shoe for walking.
  • Avoid tight clothing. Go for loose cotton wear.

Walking has not only helped me to shed those extra kilos but it has also improved my immune system, patience level, memory power and I manage my time better now. All this has led to massive increase in my confidence level.

What better way to celebrate Women’s Day than to start walking today! Cheers!!

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