Bleeding Disorders: Ayurveda Treatment, Diet, Home Remedies

Blood tissue is considered as one among 7 Dhatu (body tissues) as per Ayurveda.  Blood is related with Pitta Dosha. Hence, bleeding disorders are usually influenced by Pitta imbalance.

Types of bleeding disorders

Different types of bleeding disorders:


1.  Heavy periods / Menorrhagia – Rakta Pradara / Yonigata raktasrava
The cause may lie in  –
Hormonal imbalance leading to heavy periods,
External injury
Heavy physical activities during periods
Uterine fibroid, cancer etc.

blood clotting process


2. Rectal bleeding / Malena 
Prolapse of the rectum, injury to the rectal blood vessels, bleeding haemorrhoids, fissure in ano, injury or perforation of the intestines leads into bleeding from anus. Conditions like rectal carcinoma may also cause such incidences. Bleeding piles (haemorrhoids) is the most common complaint because of which bleeding is found through anus.

blood coagulation


3. Haematuria – Blood through urinary tract 
The incidences like urinary calculi, major renal disorders etc cause bleeding through urethra. Often injury to the urethra through non specific reasons also cause such a complaint.


4. Nasal bleeding – Epistaxis 
Injury to the nasal mucosa, hidden pathology of the nostrils or brain like tumour, hypertension, Pitta vitiation etc. may cause bleeding through nostrils.

Sub conjunctival / intra ocular haemorrhage

5. Bleeding through eyes – Sub conjunctival haemorrhage/Intra ocular haemorrhage
Injury to the blood vessels of the eyes and in few of the problems of the brain it is evident.


6. Bleeding through ears – Otorrhagia
Severe kinds of injury to the internal ear and intra cranial disorders result in bleeding through the ears.


7. Blood vomiting – Haemetemesis
Ulceration of the oesophagus, stomach or intestine result in bleeding through mouth. Here blood is found along with vomitus. The condition where blood spots are found along with spitting or coughing is called hemoptysis. Often diseases of the chest or lungs also causing this kind of trouble.


8. Bleeding through skin pores – Purpura
In major systemic disorders and in inherited diseases like haemophilia, bleeding is found through the hair follicles.

Capillary haemorrhage

9. Bleeding through capillaries (tiny blood vessels underneath skin) – Schamberg disease (Progressive pigmentary dermatosis of Schamberg)


In Ayurveda, bleeding disorders are collectively called as Raktapitta.
Causes for bleeding disorders as per Ayurveda: 
Excess intake of Ushna (warm), Teekshna (penetrative), Amla (sour), Lavana (salty) and Vidahi (spicy food).
Food and drinks which aggravate Pitta dosha.
Excess exposure or working under Sun
Incompatible food etc

Origin of the disease

The causative factors vitiate the blood (Rakta) and in turn the volume of the blood is increased. Simultaneously, it loses the clotting ability and comes out of the circulation by rupturing of the vessels.

Common features

Common features of Raktapitta (Bleeding disorders):
1. Shirogaurava (heaviness of the head)
2. Aruchi (tastelessness)
3. Sheeteccha (desire to have cool drinks)
4. Dhoomaka (feeling as if smoke coming out of the body)
5. Amlika (sour eructation)
6. Chardi (vomiting)
7. Kasa (cough)
8. Shwasa (breathlessness)
9. Bhrama (giddiness)
10. Klama (fatigue)
11. Lohagandhasyatha (rust smell in the mouth)
12. Swarakshaya (feeble voice)
13. Rakta haridranetrata (red or yellow discoloration of the eyes)
14. Varna avivechanata (inability to distinguish colours)
15. Swapne varna darshana (sees red, blue or yellow objects in dreams)

Line of treatment

Treatment of bleeding disorders:
Bleeding is arrested by means of-
1. Sandhana (ligation of the bleeding artery)
2. Skandhana (usage of herbs and techniques to stop bleeding )
3. Dahana (cauterisation of the bleeding points)
4. Pachana (the measures to relieve the obstruction to the channels)

Herbs used

Herbs recommended in bleeding disorders:
Usually herbs with bitter, sweet and astringent tastes are used in treating Pitta imbalance disorders.
1. Vasa – Adathoda vasica – Having bitter and astringent taste, this herb is extensively used in almost all types of bleeding disorders. Its juice extract is used.
2. Kooshmanda -Ash gourd Also known as winter melon
3. Yashtimadhu-Indian liquorice
4. Usheera-Vettiver
5. Vishalyakarani – Ayapana – Tridax procumbens
6. Lajjalu-Tuch me not
7. Lodhra-Symplocos racemosa – Commonly used in rectal bleeding, heavy periods etc.
8. Ashoka-Saraca asoka – Commonly used in heavy periods.
9. Amalaki – Amla – Gooseberry
10. Chandana – Sandal wood etc

Ayurvedic formulations

Formulations recommended in bleeding diseases:
Chandrakala rasa – used in treatment of bleeding disorders,diabetes and its complications
Usheerasava – Anaemia, early stage of liver diseases, skin diseases, urinary tract disorders and diabetes etc.
Bolabaddha rasa – used in treating bleeding haemorrhoids, menorrhagia and such other bleeding conditions.
Gulkand – Prepared with rose petals and unrefined sugar, useful in bleeding through upper routes.
Pravala pishti –  used in Ayurvedic treatment of cough, cold, Pitta related diseases etc
Pravala panchamrita – Available in tablet and powder form, used in treatment of bloating, anorexia, diarrhoea etc
Lodhrasava – said as natural remedy for heavy period
Shatamulyadi Lauh – used in bleeding disorders like nasal bleeding, hematemesis, menorrhagia etc.
Raktapittantak Loh – Used extensively in bleeding diseases
Drakshasava – useful in cardiac disorders, haemorrhoids, fever etc.
Kanakasava – widely used in treating Asthma, cough, fever etc.
Mathala Rasayanam – used in cold, asthma, hiccup, liver and spleen disorders
Pushyanuga Churna – used in Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Leucorrhoea etc.
Kamdudha Ras – used in Gastritis, diarrhoea with blood discharge and diabetes.
Patrangasava – used mainly in gynaecological conditions such as heavy menstrual bleeding, leucorrhea, fever etc.

Medicinal Yogas for Pradara From Sahasra Yoga Text Book
Raktapittahara Kashaya
Pradarahara Kashaya
Swetapradarahara Kashaya
Asrigdarahara Kashaya
Tiktaka Ghrita
Mahatiktaka Ghrita
Dhatryadi Ghrita
Modaka Twagadi Ghrita
Maha Kushmanda Ghrita
Chandanadi Taila
Pushyanuga Choorna
Sarasija makarandadi Choorna
Viswailadi Choorna
Kushmanda Rasayana
Satavari Guda
Kautajadi Guda
Kousa Mushtabhayadi Kashaya
Vasadi Kashaya
Pathyamalakhyadi Kashaya
Tengin Pukkuladi Ghrita

Ayurvedic home remedies

Simple and effective home remedies for bleeding diseases: 
1. Lajjalu (Mimosa pudica – touch-me-not plant) whole the plant is taken and its decoction is prepared. This is taken in the dose of 30ml thrice daily. 4-6 days medication decreases the complaint of heavy menstrual bleeding.

2. 1-2 drops of cow’s ghee are instilled to the nostrils. It helps to arrest nasal bleeding caused due to summer heat.

3. Durva (Cynodon dactylon) grass is taken a fistful and fresh juice is obtained. Early morning intake of this for 6-8 days helps to reduce the haematuria.

4. Vasa leaves are pounded well and fresh juice is obtained. 15ml juice is added with 5 gram of organic sugar candy and taken. It reduces the incidences of bleeding from the mouth, nose and ear.

Wholesome diet and habits

Wholesome diet and habits in bleeding diseases:
1. Kooshmanda – Ash gourd
2. Amlaki – Gooseberry
3. Dadima – Pomegranate
4. Khanda sharkara – Sugar candy
5. Palandu – Onion
6. Sheeta jala – Cold water
7. Draksha – Raisins
8. Vishrama – Rest etc.

Unwholesome diet and habits

Unwholesome diet and habits in bleeding disorders:
Karavellaka – Bitter gourd
Vidahi ahara – Spicy food
Ushna – Mirchi (Chilly)
Fenugreek,  cinnamon, chillies, Pepper, Asa foetida, Black caraway
Taila bharjita ahara – Fried food
Adhwagamana – Long walk
Atapasevana – Exposure to sunshine etc.

Blood is considered to be life. So, even a little bleeding is also considered so seriously and immediate measures are to be taken to arrest it. Also, in case of bleeding which persists for 2-3 days, systemic investigations are to be carried by approaching physician.
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Article by: Dr MS Krishnamurthy and Dr Hebbar

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