Be Self Aware To Catch Your Disease Symptoms Early

Being self aware helps to catch diseases at a very early stage. If we can identify such symptoms, we can easily resort to simple home remedies or easy lifestyle changes to stop the disease at its budding stage. Simone Van hove- van der Gaag from Netherlands explains her experience – 

I’d like to share something simple that helps to take care of myself.

It  is still pretty hard to not to make myself exhausted by too much enthusiasm or too much initiatives to do good. My energy goes up and down in a irregular way. If I try to make my days too regular, I somehow get depressed.
So i need the variation and regular rest and I have to find out first signals when things are going too fast or too busy, in my body and mind.

cold running nose

I would like to share them with you. Probably more people are helped with this simple list.
Here is my list of body signals that need calming down immediately.

Thirst signal… a simple light itchy throat…
Next phase is, a cough or an sneeze…
Next phase that signals disappear and falsely seems better..
But then i have to check the outside temperature of my nose… when it ‘s cold..i really should have to take care of myself…
Next phase is also a cold outside temperature of my forehead.
In that case i have to take serious rest…
Most times it goes together with mental problems in remembering or/and focusing and a restless feeling.
Not taking a rest will absolute cause serious aching: headaches or upper back pain..etc.
Here in Europe people still like to think that they are only ill when they suffer a fever…

People with immunity problems, young children and elderly people should be alert in this ‘cold, irritating symptoms also’…
But it is a blessing when, we allow each other and ourselves to take rest that the body seeks, through these minor symptoms.

Note – The symptoms of any disease may not give out a definitive series of symptoms. But they can easily be caught by keen self observation.
In the above example of cold symptoms,
– a simple ginger tea with honey,
– switching to hot water drinking
– Avoiding fried foods and refrigerated foods would be sufficient to prevent the disease.

Let us be self-aware, let us follow keen self-observation.

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5 thoughts on “Be Self Aware To Catch Your Disease Symptoms Early”

  1. Thanks for article!

    The question:
    >a simple ginger tea with honey,
    What ginger should we use: dry or fresh?
    Could you write a simple recipe of ginger tea?

    Should we add Glycyrrhiza glabra (yaṣṭīmadhu) in tea when we have dry throat, dry cough?

    • I will make videos about ginger tea etc soon.
      To the normal tea, while boiling it, a small piece of 3 grams of ginger is added.
      You can add 2 grams of Yashtimadhu, while preparing tea, for dry throat / cough.

  2. i am unclear as to whether the symptoms mentioned relate to the author alone or to everyone or to just some? Can you mention pallor of lips in children? Is this a sign they need something? Signs like this are really helpful to caregivers. Thank you.

    • The symptoms explained by the author are her personal observation. Those cannot be generalized to everyone.
      Pallor of lips in children generally refers to malnutrition, dehydration or anemia.

  3. डा. साहब हमें हिंदी में लिखी पुस्तकों का संग्रह चाहिए।
    कृपया सूचित करें।


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