Why Ayurvedic Doctors Do Not Suggest Many Home Remedies

Usual prescription of most of Ayurvedic doctors include a combination of few Ayurvedic medicines, diet – lifestyle advice and if only the doctor finds need, one or two home remedies. Clearly, Ayurvedic home remedies are considered secondary to Ayurvedic medicines in the mind of the doctor. There are few valid reasons for this –

1. Time consuming process – Usually home remedies take a lot of time to prepare. A busy person may not be able to dedicate his time to prepare own medicine / remedies.

2. Difficulty in explaining – For a busy Ayurvedic doctor, explaining 2 – 3 home remedies in an effective way to the patient so that the patient will follow all instructions is very difficult and time consuming.

Ayurvedic home remedy

3. Dosage and concentration variation – Chances of patient making mistakes with proportion of each herbs, confusion between a tablespoon and a teaspoon, chances for confusion with dosage, after-drink (Anupan) etc are very high in a home remedy. Such a thing does not exist in case of ready-made Ayurvedic medicine, like, a tablet, capsule or a syrup.

4. Expiration date – Excluding herbal oils, herbal ghee, herbal jam etc, regular home remedies such as Kashaya (decoction), infusion etc have just 12 – 24 hours of expiration date. So, patient has to make it everyday.
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5. Patient convenience – Suppose some remedy is to be taken in the afternoon, any patient, during his work, cannot dedicate time to prepare his own medicine.
Suppose the patient is travelling to a different place, for her, travelling with a bottle of ready made syrup and a few tablets is far easy than carrying different herbs to make fresh home remedies.

So considering all these aspects, most of Ayurvedic doctors prefer Ayurvedic medicines to home remedies.

3 thoughts on “Why Ayurvedic Doctors Do Not Suggest Many Home Remedies”

  1. Ayurvedic Medicines marketed in plastic bottles can pose health risks, since various chemical component can leech into the herbal preparations and create new threats . Moreover the chemical stabilizers added to the herbal preparations also requires standardization and analysis.

    The consumer has to make a discriminative choice and ayurvedic doctor has the duty to educate the patients about dosha based life style and nutritional choices. Many of the current ayurvedic doctors are not emphasizing these important points.

    • Sathi saheb has said correctly.I also insisted some of the ayur. docs for explaining the things in a little detail but they seem reluctant to this.Liquid Med. in plastic bottles change the taste and flavour very soon.

  2. One step further, most of Ayurveda, and all Alopathetic have got preservative or syrups of sugar based, instead fresh and dried herbs be extracted properly and TDS be measured, then packed in retort able pouches under vacuum and sterilised, without preservative, ready to use like tablets and capsules and easy to digest.


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