Do Not Hide These Things From Your Husband

Of course there will be a few secrets kept by both husband and wife. But, a wife, according to me should not hide these things. The important word here is – “matter of distress”. Whichever thing is causing you distress, you should not hide those, from your beloved husband. Let me give you few examples. 


Example 1:
Husband has gone for a business trip and your 5 year old kid falls sick. You may think – “If I tell this to hubby, his concentration may get diverted or he may judge me as careless, it is a small fever after all, let me handle it myself. Why disturb him?”

The mild fever may get associated with vomiting and diarrhoea, things get out of control and your kid ends up being admitted to hospital. At this point, if you call your husband and tell what happened, he will feel aghast. When he comes back, you will have a lot of explanations to give.
I am not saying that if you tell your husband, your kid’s condition will dramatically improve. But your husband will be a part of this painful journey right from the start, so he will get a chance to understand you and the situation better.

Example 2: You get harassed at work
Say, your husband was not willing to send you for a job, you forcefully go to job, but unfortunately, you get sexually harassed at job. If you tell this to your husband, he may quarrel with you about it, he may ask you to quit the job immediately. That is quite fine, you can convince him about your next job opportunity after a while.
But if you do not tell him and if he gets to know about it from one of your colleagues then things will become very difficult to handle. “Why didn’t she tell me? , She does not have confidence to share her distress with me, Was that harassment or..?!”
Let us keep this simple. Someone harasses you, just tell it to your hubby and face the situation together, with love, boldly.

Example 3: You fall sick
There is no worse pain for a loving husband than her wife hiding about her illness. He is loving, he wants to take a good care of you. Give him that chance. Do not let him down.
Always remember… better to inform at an early stage and set right whatever the mini misunderstandings, rather than waiting for things to get worse and then, gasping for love and care with repent and despair.

9 thoughts on “Do Not Hide These Things From Your Husband”

  1. This is a very good advice to couples-specially to newly married wives to avoid potential future crisis. Timely communications are better, they work like-a stitch in time saves nine!

  2. Thank you for thinking of addressing the welfare of your female readers. Very kind. All the best for the coming year. Hare Krishna.

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    • Hi, you can use turmeric powder / neem powder / Manjishta powder to the gel to make it thicker. The quantity can be decided based on your experience.


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