New Ebook – Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana Made Easy

I herewith present to you, the biggest work of my life, my new ebook – Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana Made Easy.

Price: only 299 Indian Rupees or 6.99 US Dollars.
In this ebook, along with 30 chapters of Sutrasthana Section of Charaka Samhita, I have also included 70 of my own articles to help you easily understand the respective chapters.

Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana Ebook

About the ebook – It is a massive 1,384 page e-book, containing

  • 30 chapters of Charaka Samhita Sutrastha
  • My comments and explanation
  • Original Sanskrit verses along with IAST transliteration in line with the English translation of the verses.
  • 70 extra chapters, written by me, explaining relevant topics.

Price: 299 Rupees or $6.99

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Special features of this ebook –

  • If you ever want to start learning Ayurveda, reading Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana is the first step.
  • That is the reason, it is kept as an important subject in the Second year syllabus of Ayurveda degree course.
  • Complete Sanskrit verses and IAST transliteration in line within each chapters for easy understanding.
  • Each chapter ends with related articles written to explain the hidden principles in the chapter.

  • The ebook is a combination of ancient Ayurveda and modern relevant explanation.
  • The ebook will make you understand all the basic principles of Ayurveda like never before.
  • The Sanskrit verses in the book are broken down into smaller words. This helps you to read and understand the Sanskrit words better.
  • Suitable font size for easy reading on your computer screen.
  • Search option to quickly find any topic
  • You can even write comments and notes about each topic by yourself, within this ebook, so as to interpret subject in your own ways.

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Chapter 1 – Quest For Longevity
1.1 How Ayurveda Originated? Detailed Explanation
1.2 Understanding Tridosha And Their Qualities

Chapter 2 – Apamarga Tanduleeya Adhyaya

Chapter 3 Aragvadheeya Adhyaya

Chapter 4 – Shad Virechana Shatashriteeya Adhyaya

Chapter 5 – Matrashiteeya Adhyaya – Ayurvedic Dietetics
5.1 Herbal Smoking – Benefits, Rules, Side Effects, Blends To Try
5.2 How To Do Ayurvedic Nasya Treatment At Home? Nasal Drops For Long Life
5.3 Ayurvedic Way Of Teeth Brushing And Tongue Scraping
5.4 Tambul – Pan Chewing – Right Method And Benefits
5.5 How To Do Oil Pulling In Genuine Ayurvedic Way? 9 Tips
5.6 Ayurvedic Hair Care – Principles, Herbs, Oils And Medicines
5.7 Does massage work?

6th Chapter – Tasyashiteeya Adhyaya – Seasonal regimen
6. 1 Essential Ayurvedic Health Tips For Winter Season
6.2 Ayurvedic Health Tips For Spring Season
6.3 Ayurvedic Health Tips For Summer Season
6.4 Ayurveda Health Tips For Rainy Season
6.5 Ayurvedic Health Tips For Autumn Season

Chapter 7 – Na Vegan Dharaneeya Adhyaya – Do Not Suppress Body Urges
7.1 The greatest Ayurvedic health secret – revealed!
7.2 Why Did I Skip My Lunch Today, Though I Am Not On Fast?
7.3 How To Analyse Effects Of Exercise On Health? Ayurvedic View

8th Chapter – Indriyopakramaneeya Adhyaya – Mind, Sense Organs
8. 1 How Knowledge Is Gained Through Sense Organs?
8.2 Mind – Qualities And Functions As Per Ayurveda
8.3 Eating etiquette: Healthy eating rules

9th Chapter – Khuddaka Chatushpada Adhyaya – 4 Basic Elements Of Ayurvedic Treatment
9.1 Say Thanks To The Doctor Who Cuts Your Medicines Down

10th Chapter – Maha Chatushpada Adhyaya – 42 Different Criteria For Ayurvedic Prognosis
10.1 How To Make Prognosis Of Disease According To Ayurveda?

11th chapter – Tris Eshaneeya Adhyaya – 3 Basic Desires Of Life
11.1 Money, Ayurveda, Spirituality – How To Strike Perfect Balance?
11.2 How Ancient Seers Developed Science Of Ayurveda
11.3 Abstinence: Brahmacharya – The greatest tool to improve concentration

12th Chapter – Vata Kalakaleeya Adhyaya – Vata Dosha – Qualities, Functions, Imbalance
12.1 Understand Vata Dosha By Its Functions
12.2 Understand Pitta Dosha By Its Functions
12.3 Understand Kapha Dosha By Its Functions

13th Chapter – Snehakarma – reparation For Panchakarma
13.1 Oleation – Snehakarma Dose, Benefits, Side Effects, Management
13.2 Health Benefits Of Ghee – Complete Ayurvedic Details
13.3 Sesame and Sesame Oil Benefits – Total Ayurveda Details
13.4 Castor Oil Benefits, Research, Side Effects, How To Use, Dose

14th Chapter – Sweating Treatment – Swedana Types And Methods
14.1 Why You Should Sweat – To Treat Disease, For Better Health

15th Chapter – Rules For Vamana and Virechana Treatment
15.1 Vamana Therapy – Right Method, Side Effects, Management
15.2 Virechana Therapy – Right Method, Side Effects, Management

16th Chapter – Chikitsa Prabhuteeya Adhyaya – Benefits of Vamana and Virechana Treatment

17th Chapter – Kiyanta Shiraseeya Adhyaya – Diseases Of Head, Heart And Abscess
17.1 Dhatu – 7 Body Tissues As Explained In Ayurveda
17.2 Decrease Of Tissues – Dhatu Kshaya – Reasoning, Symptoms
17.3 What is Ojas? How To Increase Ojas During Health And Disease? Ayurveda
17.4 Madhumeha – Ayurvedic understanding of Diabetes mellitus
17.5 Diabetic carbuncle – Ayurvedic Understanding And Treatment Modalities

18th Chapter – Trishotheeya Adhyaya – Types Of Swelling

19th Chapter – Ashtodareeya Adhyaya – Ayurvedic Disease Classification

20th Chapter – Maharoga Adhyaya – Qualities, Diseases, Treatment Of Vata, Pitta and Kapha
20.1 Vata Dosha Dominance In Different Body Parts – How it affects health?
20.2 Pitta Dosha Dominance In Different Body Parts – 8 Things To Know
20.3 Kapha Dosha Dominant Places in Our Body
20.4 How To Observe Vata Dosha Imbalance Symptoms In Your Body By Yourself?
20.5 How To Observe Pitta Dosha Imbalance Symptoms In Your Body By Yourself?
20.6 How To Observe Kapha Dosha Imbalance Symptoms In Your Body By Yourself?
20.7 How To Balance Vata Dosha? Line Of Treatment And Reasoning
20.8 How To Balance Pitta Dosha? Line Of Treatment
20.9 Activities And Diet For Kapha Balance

21st Chapter – Ashtau Ninditeeya Adhyaya – Weight Loss, Weight Gain Treatment, Sleep
21.1 Get Rid Of Sedentary Lifestyle – Solutions That Actually Work
21.2 Effective Obesity Treatment, Remedies And Ayurveda Tips
21.3 Healthy tips to put on weight, to become fat – Ayurvedic methods and remedies
21.4 What Is The Right Time To Sleep? How To Plan Your Sleep?
21.5 Day sleep – Sleeping in the day – good or bad? Ayurveda details

22nd – Langhana Brimhaneeya Adhyaya – 6 Basic Ayurvedic Therapies – Shat Upakrama
22.1 Langhana Therapy – A Unique Ayurvedic Treatment Principle
22.2 Brimhana Therapy – Nourishing Ayurvedic Treatment Principle
22.3 Rookshana Therapy – Drying Principle For Excess Oiliness
22.4 Stambhana – Blocking Therapy Principle For Leaking Disorders

23rd Chapter – Santarpaneeya Adhyaya – Treatment For Diseases Of Over And Under Nourishment

24th Chapter – Vidhishoniteeya Adhyaya – Blood Formation, Causes of Impurity, Diseases, Treatment
24.1 Understanding Blood Functions, Vitiation And Treatment As Per Ayurveda

25th Chapter – Yajja Purusheeya Adhyaya – Best And Worst Things For Health And Disease

26th Chapter – Atreya Bhadrakapyeeya Adhyaya – Ayurvedic Pharmacology
26.1 Tastes – Types, Qualities, Therapeutic Action- Ayurveda Details
26.2 Benefits of Sweet Taste – Ayurveda Description, Effect On Body
26.3 Sour Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
26.4 Salt Taste – Types, Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
26.5 Pungent Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
26.6 Bitter Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
26.7 Astringent Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
26.8 Bad Food Combinations And Solution As Per Ayurveda

27th Chapter – Annapana Vidhi Adhyaya – Classification Of Foods And Drinks

27.1 Anupan – Importance Of Adjuvants And After Drinks In Food And Medicine

28th Chapter – Vividha Ashita Peeteeya Adhyaya – Process Of Digestion, How Food Causes Disease
28.1 Understanding Digestion Process From An Ayurveda View
28.2 Increase And Vitiation Of Tissues – Dhatu Vruddhi

29th Chapter – Dasha Prana Ayataneeya Adhyaya – 10 Abodes Of Life
30th Chapter – Arthe Dasha Mahamuliya Adhyaya – Essence And Purpose Of Ayurveda

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  2. Dear Hebbar Sir,

    A Heartfelt Congratulations and warm Regards for bringing up this wonderful new e-book. As soon as i saw your email in my inbox regarding new e-book . I purchased it immediately. All the very best for your future projects… If you bring up an e-book regarding the practical approach like if you share your practical experience and the progress you have seen, it will be interesting.

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  4. Hi
    I just wanted to know is this the translation of the the original book?
    Because I have a copy of astanga hrdayam by KR Krishna and the content mentioned here is totally 90% from that book. Both have 30 chapters but chapter topics are different.


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