Camel Milk Benefits- Ayurveda Details

Usually any type of milk is sweet and coolant and induces a sense of satisfaction. But camel milk is quite different, because of the habitat and nature of camel.  


Camel milk benefits

रूक्षोष्णं क्षीरमुष्ट्रीणामीषत्सलवणं लघु|
शस्तं वातकफानाहक्रिमिशोफोदरार्शसाम्||२२०||
rūkṣoṣṇaṃ kṣīramuṣṭrīṇāmīṣatsalavaṇaṃ laghu|
śastaṃ vātakaphānāhakrimiśophodarārśasām||220|| – Charaka Sutrasthana 27

Milk of the camel is:
Rooksha – dry
Ushna – hot
slightly salt,
Laghu – light to digest
Useful in Anaha (bloating, constipation),
Krimi – parasitic infection,
Shopha – edema, inflammatory conditions,
Udara – ascites,
Arsha – hemorrhoids, piles and other diseases due to the vitiation of Vata and Kapha.

As per Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutrasthana 5,
Ushtra ksheera (milk of camel)- is
Ishat ruksha – slightly dry
ushna – hot
Lavana – salty taste
Deepana – increases digestion strength
Laghu – easy to digest
Vatakaphaan shastam – useful in Vata and Kapha
Krumi – relieves worm infestation
Shopha – anti inflammatory
Udara – useful in ascites
Arshas – hemorrhoids.

As per Bhojana Kutuhala the camel meat is cooling, it alleviates three doshas, promotes strength and nourishment, improves taste perception, is sweet in taste and increases semen.

Ayurvedic medicines

An Ayurvedic medicine called Kankayana Vati is given along with Camel milk to treat excessive menstrual bleeding.

In the treatment of Shotha – inflammatory disorders –
The patient should avoid taking food (cereals) and water, but take only camel milk either for a week or for a month [depending upon the strength of the patient and the stage of the disease]  – Charaka Samhita Chikitsa Sthana 12th chapter.

Camel milk  for ascites: Charaka Chikitsa sthana 13
शोफानाहार्तितृण्मूर्च्छा पीडिते कारभं पयः||१०७||
शुद्धानां क्षामदेहानां गव्यं छागं समाहिषम्|

śophānāhārtitṛṇmūrcchā pīḍite kārabhaṃ payaḥ||107||
śuddhānāṃ kṣāmadehānāṃ gavyaṃ chāgaṃ samāhiṣam|

If the patient of Udara (ascites) is suffering from oedema, Anaha (bloating, abdominal distension because of wind), pain, thirst and fainting, then camel milk is useful. After administration of Panchakarma treatment, when it has become emaciated, cow milk, goats milk and buffalo milk are useful [ 107 ½ – ½ 108]

Camel milk for Nasya

Camel milk as nasal drops – Nasya:
 नारी पयः सशर्करमुष्ट्र्या अपि नस्यमिक्षुरसः||३३|| – Charaka Samhita Chikitsa Sthana 22nd chapter.
Camel milk mixed with sugar or the sugar cane juice is used for Nasya (inhalation therapy)

Camel urine is bitter, it alleviates Shwasa (dyspnoea, asthma), Kasa (bronchitis, cough) and piles.
Continuous camel riding is mentioned as a reason for hemorrhoids.

Camel meat increases the muscles of body, ideally suited for persons suffering from long standing hemorrhoids and duodenal disease.

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