Best Obesity Health Tip – Go To Shopping Mall Soon After Food

Have you ever noticed that the aroma inside shopping mall is very different than elsewhere? Have you noticed that, that aroma makes you excited, happy and active? It is not by accident, It is planned.

Grocery shopping

The aroma is set inside the shopping mall so that, you feel happy and you buy more. They are trying to increase the Rajas in you.

As per the report published by the Center of Science in Public Interest, Impulse buying of unhealthy foods in checkout aisles increases risk of obesity (Report).
We need to stop that, we need shopping malls to display only healthier fruits and vegetables than the junk food stuff. But rather than trying to control and regulate them, why dont we try to control and regulate our own mind?

If you think about this whole system of inducing the greed and making more and more people fall in to the trap, you start to realize that, this is how the world works. When I watched a documentary about 2008 global financial crash, the root of it lied in banks giving unrealistic home loans to people who could not afford to repay it. All the meltdown started right there. So, it was the fault of the banks to lure people in to buying into that ugly idea.
Okay, the bank people were bad, but what would have happened if the common man stood strong to his sanity and did not succumb to greed and avoided taking the home loan that he really did not need?

All right, we are going very far from the topic, let us return back to our shopping mall.
The urge to buy more or to put those junk colas, chips, more and more to your shopping cart is caused by Vata and Pitta Dosha. The good aroma and colorful ambiance inside a supermarket increases Vata and Pitta. It tempts your sense organs more and more and your mind gives in and before you know it, that thing that you don’t want is in your basket.

The trick is to stop the greed of the mind, to nip the impulse bud, to nullify the tempt, to check the appetite, to keep Vata and Pitta under check. This can be done by increasing Kapha.
The best way to do it is by having a very strong mind. But I and you know that, it is not really our strength.
So, before you go to shopping mall, Have your food.
Soon after having food, there is Kapha dominance in the body. It is also a good idea to walk a few steps after having food. So, going to shopping mall soon after food is very perfect in both the senses.

Still a better idea is to have some sweet dish / fruit before going there. What it does is, when that appetizing aroma hits your nose, you feel a bit nauseated because of the sweet, increasing Kapha in the stomach. So you will avoid basket balling all those unnecessary food items and would rather tempted to get out of the mall as soon as you could. It will save a lot of money.
Another good idea is to apply some hair oil. This will again keep your brain away from unnecessary excitation to external stimuli.

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  1. Very interesting and clear Explanation for common man to understand health and Problems of health.Keep it up Doctor !! for the Mankind.
    Atmaram Yadur.
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