The Only Thing That Matters Now Is…

While I am working, the only thing that matters the most is –
If it is morning hours, it is writing articles
if it is afternoon hours, it is email replying to patient queries
if it is evening hours, social media engagement – arranging Facebook, twitter and google plus posts.
If it is night, is to keep myself engaged with kids, wife and mom.

Only thing that matters

In the morning, during work, when I start wasting time with my whats app friends, – the only thing that matters the most is that I punch more words into my blog and write more and more articles. Chatting with friends is not the thing that matters the most. So, keep the phone down and get your hands on your laptop. Your friends can wait.

In the night, only thing that matters now, is to spend time with  my family, to play with my daughters, to chit chat with my mom and wife and so on, so if I start staring at my blog viewership and its analytics etc, I say to myself, the only thing that matters the most, now, is to spend time with my family. So, keep the phone down.

I chant this MantraOnly thing that matters the most now, is… around 50 times a day, to focus and re-focus and re-re-focus the mind and body to do actually those things that matters the most.

It is brutal, it twists the mind, it squeezes the brain, it makes you feel uncomfortable, it pricks you. You may have to switch off the TV abruptly or close the Facebook tab or stop chatting with your friends and immediately get back to the thing that matters the most. Sometimes you may feel breathless doing this. But your pain, that uncomfortable feeling does not matter at all. Who cares?

Who cares if I spend less time in front of TV, Does the actors in that TV serial care? Does those candies that you crush care? Do you think your friends will start crying if you do not like their photos on Facebook? Do you think Lionel Messi will score a goal less, if you do not watch his football match?
Just think about it, Lionel Messi is playing a football match and his close friend waves at him and by chance Messi sees his friend. Does Messi start chatting with that friend? or does he continues with his game?
Then concentrate hard on what matters the most, NOW, right, at this point of time.

If you practice this, just for 30 days, you will fall in love with it. Because, you will start scoring more in your exams, you will start earning more in your business, you will get more work done in astonishingly less time, your family will start loving you more. I think that is what matters the most. Not how many serials you watched, how many candies you crushed, how many sheep you grew in farmville and so on.

So at least 50 times a day, 
Close your eyes and ask yourself what am I doing now? and what is the thing that matters the most, now? If both the answers match, then carry on. If not, stop doing what you are doing and immediately, abruptly switch to the thing that matters the most.

Planning –
Just write down your priorities on a piece of paper and divide the day based on your priorities and do nothing other than that particular thing, in those chunks of time. Absolutely that only thing, and nothing else. Plain and simple.

If you are thinking that this cannot be so simple and your life is so complicated, then listen to me, It can be done. It is this simple. This whole life thing is very very complicated. The trick is to undo one knot at a time and go to the next knot, rather than staring at the complicated knots and feeling comfortable with it, all day long. Stop giving excuses and wake up to reality that it is possible. So, think right now, the only thing that matters the most now is…, close this web browser tab and start doing that, right now!

11 thoughts on “The Only Thing That Matters Now Is…”

  1. Very good article. If all of us could practice this at least in part, it would benefit all of us tremendously. I will try to remember this at all times.

  2. Quite agreeโ€ฆ. but please find time to move around also because sitting for too long is very bad for you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Thank you Dr. Hebbar. Today I had decided that I will not spend time on emails and blogs for more than half an hour. I already used 10 minutes extra but now I am inspired so much that I will stop it right now.

  4. Dear Dr.,
    Thank you for this very apt and much-needed article! (for me! :))

    This is like “auto-suggestion” to the mind – I am trying it since last 2 weeks through something else, but not succeeded (Diwali, etc. being my excuse).
    But now, this is a great article at the right time, it is similar to auto-suggestion technique, i.e. saying this to the mind at least 50 times a day.

    Thank YOU!

  5. Sir., Your article if it bring changes to a few ppl and their life it is a blessing to their lives. Very Useful thought and you have explained it simply. Thank you for such social thought. All of us complain of less time but less planning is the reason. This planning is also well explained in brief in the article. Thanks again. Manju.


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