I Have Started To Fall In Love With Physics… Again!

In my childhood, I loved science, I loved physics the most. In my 12th Standard, of all the six subjects, the maximum marks that I scored was in physics (91/100). Okay, I know, it is not a staggering achievement to flaunt around.


But after 12th, I immersed myself in Ayurveda (and have no qualms about it, at all). But since last 3 – 4 months, physics is attracting me again.
The first trigger was the trailer of a movie, that I can’t wait to watch – Theory of Everything – Biographic movie on Stephen Hawking. Man! This is going to sweep Oscars. Can’t count how many times I have watched this trailer and how many tears I have shed!

And then last week,  while doing some research on how Facebook page – and social media marketing works, I stumbled upon another physicist. Dr Derek Muller, PhD from Australia, who runs a famous you tube channel 2veritasium
Watch this –

And then today, I stumbled upon this stunning video by google, about speech recognition.

Enough is enough, I am bowled over by physics again and going after this ever amazing science. In fact, this is only going to make my understanding of Ayurveda, better.

Ayurveda and physics are quite related. Ayurveda has its deep roots in physics. It explains almost everything from the physics view point. Its explanation of plant qualities is by means of – if the plant is heavy, or light, if it cold or hot etc. Thousands of years ago, Indian Ayurvedic sages living in the caves and the huts, were clearly knowing the difference in health effects of cold water and hot water.  

Modern medical science would say, that a plant acts by its chemical constituents, its alkaloids, glycosides, tannins etc. But Ayurveda has given equal importance to both chemical and physical potential of the herb or any substance. Just a simple example, Though H2O is H2O, the cold H2O may cause indigestion, if drunk before food (Drink water only in between meals) but hot H2O will help you in improving digestion strength and respiratory disorders.

So, I immensely hope that the future days will be glorious in understanding the intricate relationship between these two beautiful sciences – Ayurveda and physics.
I promise to share everything that I will learn with you, so that I can learn more from you. (assuming that you would stay with me by subscribing to this website, though you hate my, once in a while sales pitch πŸ˜‰ )
By the by, what could be my weak spot in science? There is 33 % chance that you might have guessed it right.
I hate chemistry!

6 thoughts on “I Have Started To Fall In Love With Physics… Again!”

  1. Hi Doc, its not 33%, because we already know you love Physics…so the chance reduced to 50% ( only chemistry and biology are left). But you cant hate Biology, being a doctor :)…So that leaves only one, chemistry and so our chances of guessing what you hate in science is 100% πŸ™‚

    Lovely article, thanks and regards.

  2. Dear Dr. Hebbar,
    Please continue your interest in physics as ‘Nanotechnology’ will revolutionize the world sooner or later.
    Good luck.

  3. Nanotechnology has been used in ayurved through bhasmas/ rasayan therapy 1000’s of years before

    And Dr Hebber has shown his interest in this nano technology whose proof is the current blog .


  4. Wow . . . . this is something off-beat from you, Dr Hebbar. Though I am into economics and law; my first love was always physics at school where I had tried to hatch eggs by using heat of a light bulb or making slide and movie projectors etc.

    One of the best things about Physics is its commonality and usefulness to even an illiterate person. For example, masons use Pyramid type Plum Bob with Rope for vertical lining as also use a transparent plastic tube filled with water to find proper level. They use all these and more without knowing the theoretical science behind it.

    It’s this magic of immediate usefulness that makes Physics very interesting . . . since you are getting a hang of it, I am eager to learn more through you. Thanks a lot.

    • It is extremely fascinating that physics is there in almost everything that we see around. I am also eager to learn from knowledgeable readers like you more and more. Knowledge is not a one-way traffic πŸ™‚


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