Rookshana Therapy – Drying Principle For Excess Oiliness

The word Rooksha refers to dryness. Rookshana Karma induces dryness in the body. This is required whenever there is increased oiliness and stickiness in the body. 

rookshana karma

Rookshana definition

Definition of Rookshana Karma:
रौक्ष्यं खरत्वं वैशद्यं यत् कुर्यात्तद्धि रूक्षणम्||१०||
raukṣyaṃ kharatvaṃ vaiśadyaṃ yat kuryāttaddhi rūkṣaṇam||10|| Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 22/10
Rookshana – Rooksha means dry. Treatment that causes or increases
Raukshata (dryness),
Kharatva (roughness) and
Vaishadya (clarity, non sliminess), is called Rookshana – drying treatment.

Definition of Rookshan (drying therapy):
कटुतिक्तकषायाणां सेवनं स्त्रीष्वसंयमः|
खलिपिण्याकतक्राणां मध्वादीनां च रूक्षणम्||२९||
kaṭutiktakaṣāyāṇāṃ sevanaṃ strīṣvasaṃyamaḥ|
khalipiṇyākatakrāṇāṃ madhvādīnāṃ ca rūkṣaṇam||29||
Intake of
Pungent substances – Pungent substances are hot in nature, hotness leads to dryness.
bitter – the bitter taste made up of ether and air elements – so, has a lot of dryness quality. Hence, if you put neem powder into mouth, you want to drink water, as it causes dryness. Read more – qualities of bitter taste
astringent substances – astringent substances are absorbing and drying in nature. Betel nut instantly creates dryness in mouth.
Sexual indulgence – causes Vata increase, due to dryness property.
oil cake of mustard and sesame, honey – these have dryness quality.

Effect on Tridosha

Dryness is a quality of Vata and it is opposite to oiliness (unctuous), which is a Kapha quality. Hence, Rookshan Karma decreases Kapha and increase Vata Dosha.

Rookshana substances qualities

Qualities of herbs useful in Rookshana: 
Dry (rooksha),
Lightness (laghu),
Rough (Khara),
Sharp (teekshna),
Hot (ushna),
Stable (sthira),
Non-non sticky (Apicchila) and
Hard (Katina).

Rookshana indications

Indication for Rooksana –
अभिष्यण्णा महादोषा मर्मस्था व्याधयश्च ये|
ऊरुस्तम्भप्रभृतयो रूक्षणीया निदर्शिताः||३०||
abhiṣyaṇṇā mahādoṣā marmasthā vyādhayaśca ye|
ūrustambhaprabhṛtayo rūkṣaṇīyā nidarśitāḥ||30||

Patients suffering from diseases characterized by the obstruction of body channels,
as in case of cholesterol obstructing blood vessels, constriction of blood vessels,
as in case of productive bronchitis, wherein sputum is continuously produced in the lungs
when pus is produced in the wounds, and in internal organs such as urinary tract,
In case when semen discharge happens along with urine,
Even in case of diabetes, – where there is excess sugar in the body – sugar refers to stickiness and oiliness, where rookshana is useful.
Skin disorders with oozing and discharge.
Urusthamba – a disorder with thigh stiffness as unique feature.
So, wherever there is stickiness, oiliness, blocking of channels due to semi-solids etc, you can apply Rookshana treatment.

Medicines and herbs

Herbs – Neem, betel nut, pungent herbs like black pepper etc.
Medicines –
Chandanasava – used in spermatorrhea, cardiac disorders etc.
Shilajitwadi Bati – used in diabetes, urinary tract disorders etc.
Nimbadi Kashayam – used in fever due to Kapha origin.
Vasavaleha – used in cough with sputum, asthma, bleeding disorders etc.

Proper Rookshana signs

Signs and symptoms of successful Rookshana therapy: 
Proper excretion of flatus, urine and feces,
Lightness of the body,
Feeling of purity in heart,
Feeling purity in eructation,
Feeling clarity in throat,
Lack of drowsiness and exertion
appearance of sweat and appreciation of taste for food,
hunger, thirst and contentment.

Excessive Rookshana effects

Adverse effects of excess Rookshana treatment:
Cracking of the skin, crackling sound in small joints
Malaise, bodyache,
dryness of mouth,
loss of appetite, anorexia,
thirst,Weakness of the ears and eyes (impairment of the power of hearing and sight),
loss of memory, dizziness,
frequent upward movement of Vatu, bloating
bradycardia, lowered functioning of heart,
emaciation of body, loss of the power of digestion and body strength.
TreatmentSnehanam – Oil therapy

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