Chitrakadi Vati Vs Ajamodadi Churna – A comparison

Chitrakadi Vati and Ajmodadi churna contain quite a number of common ingredients. However, they are used for completely different purposes. Let us find out the differences between these two Ayurvedic medicines.

Chitrakadi Vati is an Ayurvedic tablet, mainly used in digestive disorders such as Ama – altered digestion and metabolism and Mandagni – depleted digestion strength. Ajmodadi Churna is an Ayurvedic herbal powder, used in treating joint pain and arthritis.

tablet powder

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Chitrakadi Vati 
Ajamodadi Churna

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Common ingredients

Ajamoda – Trachyspermum ammi
Chitraka – Leadwort – Plumbago zeylanica
black pepper
Long pepper root
Rock salt

Amount of salts

Chitrakadi vati contains all the five types of salts but Ajamodadi contains only rock salt. If we take amount of salt per 100 grams, Chitrakadi contains 33 % of salts, but Ajamodadi contains only 10 %. Hence, Ajamodadi is relatively safer in hypertension people, although, precautions are very necessary in both the medicines, while administering to them.

Usage in pregnancy and lactation

Both contain pretty hot and strong ingredients, hence best avoided during pregnancy.
However, during lactation period, Ajamodadi choorna can be more safely used than Chitrakadi Bati.

Kshara content

Because of Kshara content, for people undergoing male infertility treatment, it is best to avoid Chitrakadi vati. Because, Kshara is not good for improving fertility.

Effect on Tridosha

Both the medicines increase Pitta and balance Vata and Kapha Doshas.

Adjuvants and co-drinks

Chitrakadi vati is made by grinding the powdered ingredients with lemon juice or pomegranate juice. Hence, it is best to take with these two fruit juices.
Ajmodadi is told to be taken along with hot water and equal quantity of jaggery. Jaggery would help to reduce the hotness and pungency of this herbal powder.

For people with gastritis –
Those having gastritis and sensitive stomach, they may tolerate Ajamodadi churna well, compared to Chitrakadi, because Ajamodadi is administered along with jaggery, which would reduce the hotness of pungent herbs.


Chitrakadi vati contains all the ingredients with hot potency, hence it is used in improving digestion strength is highly justified. It is very useful in low digestion enzyme conditions. It is also used in preparation stage of Panchakarma to improve digestion (as Deepana Pachana medicine)
Ajamodadi is indicated in all the joint disorders, to relieve pain. This pain relieving activity can be specially attributed to Devadaru (Cedrus deodara) and Vruddhadaru (Argyria speciosa). – These two are well known analgesic and anti inflammatory herbs. These two along with other hot potency ingredients help to balance Vata Dosha (hotness quality is against to Vata Dosha), hence useful to bring down pain and to improve joint flexibility.
Overall both the medicines have quite a few similar ingredients. However, this comparison is a good example that how inclusion of a few herbs (in this case, Devadaru and Vruddhadaru of Ajamodadi) changes the entire set of indications.

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  1. It was very nice of you to give comparison between Chitrakadi Vati and Ajmodadi Churna. Your explanation is full of knowledge of basics and very simple at the same time. Thanks again.

  2. This article is very informative& even can be
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  3. nice article,, beginers can learn how to choose visely btwn two almost same drugs. keep doing such nice work.


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