Excellent Opportunity To Sell Medicinal Herb Photographs

Datura seeds

As an online publisher, I am always looking for photographs of herbs and diseases for my articles. Like me, there are many research scholars, magazine editors, Ayurvedic students who would want photographs of actual herbs, dry and wet samples, different herbal parts like seeds, fruits, leaves, flowers etc.
Any Ayurvedic doctor, while studying these herbs, would surely capture herbs in their cameras. Especially those who study Dravyaguna would surely have their own copyrighted photographs of genuine herbs. If you have done that, there are two ways you can sell your photographs.

Sell the whole copyright of the photograph for a price.
This is not a good option because,
The price that you offer will be usually high (because you will be selling full copyright). So, the buyer might not be interested in shelling out that much amount of money.
It is very difficult to find direct buyers.
Once after you sell it, you no longer can use or re-sell it.

The other best option is stock photography –
Here, you can sell the rights to the buyer to use the photograph in his article, without giving credit to you. But after selling you still own the copyright and can resell the same photograph any number of times. Doing it manually is difficult, because it is difficult to do marketing and to find buyers. But  I suggest you to sell your  photos as stock photographs in 123rf.com

Go to the website, right bottom corner section, under “for photographers” click on sell images and follow procedure.
It is one of the very famous stock photograph selling website. Good thing is that, there are not many people selling herb photos. So, it gives a great opportunity. The commission is up to 60 % and still you will be owning the copyright.

Personally for me, I have found it very difficult to find herbs, by contacting people. So, I have found this website as the best and simplest method to buy stock photographs.

Few Tips –
Sell herbs online with precise botanical name – If you have specific variety of the herb (Sida cordifolia, Sida retusa etc), post the botanical name precisely. Avoid confusion. If you sell photograph with wrong name and if a research scholar uses that in his research article, then both the researcher and you lose credibility.

Include English name, botanical name, Hindi name and Sanskrit name in photo description. This will help the buyer to search for the herb pretty easily. Because, the buyer might be searching for the specific herbs in different names.

Click used parts like seeds, flowers, etc separately and upload separately. It usually attracts more buyers.

White background – as far as possible, use white background for herb photographs. You can take a big white piece of cloth while going for shooting, put that cloth behind the herb and take photos.

Sell all types of photos – Apart from herb photos, you an also upload and sell all other kinds of photos like nature scenery, mountains, sketch designs, artworks, vectors, hand drawings, pencil sketches and so on.

Sell only those photos which you have taken and for which you own the entire copyright. Do not sell others photographs in your name. You may get into legal trouble.

On a personal note, I look for herb photographs all the time. If you think you have good range of photographs to sell, please write to me – [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Excellent Opportunity To Sell Medicinal Herb Photographs”

  1. Hi, this method is quite effective and still relevant. I will write about it in detail in about a couple of months later.
    Generally used herbs and spices for this purpose are – Nutmeg, turmeric, Black pepper, Dry ginger, Dry dates, Sweet flag, unrefined sugar, licorice, dry amla fruit, clove etc.
    More detailed article is coming up.


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