Job Options For Students Completing B Pharm – Ayurveda

I got a query from a student asking abut job opportunities after B Pharm – Ayurveda. Having come from Ayurvedic pharmaceutical background, here are some perspectives. If you are in this field, please read till the end. Thanks.

job opportunity B Pharm Ayurved

One thing is for sure that, if someone is looking for job in private sector, after completing B Pharm (Ayurveda), it has to be Ayurvedic Pharma Companies. So, where in do you fit? What are the options that you can have, is the question to be answered.

Advice –
If you have completed B Pharm Ayurveda just now, chances are likely that you are just 22 – 23. Unless there is huge family responsibility to start earning, I strongly recommend you to pursue M Pharm in Ayurveda. Renowned universities like Gujarat Ayurved University offer this. So, do the hard work for two years and get the masters degree.

I have conducted many interviews for Ayurvedic pharmacy. If I see a resume with B Pharm and another resume with M Pharm, obviously I see a lot of difference between these two. The idea of starting to earn and go independent may look very lucrative, but if you spend some effort and a couple of years now, your quality of life can be upgraded forever. In whatever field, one is studying, having a masters degree matters. So, in stead of repenting later, act now and go for Ayurveda M Pharm.

Importance of M Pharm Ayurved in research field – If you have interest in Ayurvedic research field, having a masters degree is almost important for any substantiation for your interests. With a B Pharm degree, at the best, you can go up to a pharma research assistant level. But with M Pharm Ayurveda, the chances of you heading a research unit is very big.

Importance of masters degree for lecturing – If you have an inclination to go for lecturing job, an M Pharm degree is a must. with B Pharm, you cannot become a lecturer.

Marketing –
If you want to enter into the marketing section of Ayurvedic pharma industry, I suggest you to pursue MBA degree in marketing, after Ayurvedic B Pharm. With just B Pharm, you might take around 5 – 10 years to get into managers post. But with an MBA, you can reach that within 3 – 4 years only.

So, in either case, having a masters degree either in Pharmaceutical or in management field brings a huge improvement to your resume.

If you want to build your own Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical company- Then also, masters degree in either of the above two will come in hand.

Make no mistake… please.
By recommending you to go for the masters degree, I am not disrespecting your B Pharm Ayurved degree. If you are really highly skilled, then this degree may alone be sufficient to scale any heights in your career. I, being a MD (Ayurveda) and Post Graduate Diploma holder in Pharma Sales Management, worked as deputy product manager under Dr Ramesh Varier, (Managing Director of AVN Ayurveda Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd., Madurai) who is BAMS, but intellectually, administratively, pharmaceutically, Ayurvedically, in all aspects, he is far, far superior genius.

So, degree does not matter if you can completely bet on your talent. If that is the case, then consider sharpening your management, communication skills, dressing skills, walking and talking skills, your academic skills and write a fine but brief resume. And send them to all the pharmacies that you want to work for.
Decide what is your area of interest – research, marketing, management, export, production etc. and march forward.
Do not wait for companies to call you. Apply even for those pharma jobs which require BAMS doctors. Prove your worth in your resume and interview and win.
Do not hesitate to work for a small company. In small companies, you can get exposure to many areas at a time. Whereas in a big company, you will be restricted to a single area. If you are in a small company, take up the challenge and make that company big. If you think you can, then you surely can.
Be ready to get humbled, humiliated and rejected. Do not lose hope for that golden opportunity. It is bound to come your way. When that chance comes your way, grab it with both hands and win. All the best.

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