3 Hurdles That Are Limiting The Growth Of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine has stood the test of time and is very relevant even in this technologically advanced age. But there are three major hurdles that are limiting the growth of Ayurveda.


1. Trust in the mind of patient

Usually patients approach Ayurvedic doctors only in the terminal stages of disease. The patient tries treatment of all other systems of medicine first, like Allopathy, Homeopathy and then at last, resort to Ayurveda. By this time, the disease may no more be curable, or may have become very difficult to treat. Even the medicines and treatments often increase the severity of the disease.

This makes the life of Ayurvedic doctor very difficult, because, the understanding the pathology of disease, in Ayurvedic terms becomes very tough.

2. Availability of medicines

In classical Ayurvedic text books, more than 60,000 medicines are explained. But all of these are not available in the market. The doctor is made to depend upon a few hundred medicines that the Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies manufacture.
Ayurveda does not treat the disease alone. Holistic approach of Ayurveda considers the patient as a whole. So, based on the patient’s body type, Dosha imbalance in the disease, patient’s diet habits etc, the treatment needs to be planned. For such a customized treatment plan, a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines are very necessary, which, unfortunately is not available today.
In ancient times, this problem was not there, as physician himself used to prepare medicines on his own.

3. Availability of raw materials

Getting the right part of the plant, from the right medicinal plant is an ever-growing challenge, these days. For example, Dashamoola – group of 10 herbs. is one of its ingredients.  To get 10 kg of root of Bael tree, we may have to wait for several decades.

To get next 10 kgs, again we have to wait for another few decades. This is leading to substitution of the herb part. – i.e. usage of stem, in place of root, usage of stem bark in place of pith and so on.
We need to take steps to preserve and cultivate Ayurvedic herbs on a large scale.

7 thoughts on “3 Hurdles That Are Limiting The Growth Of Ayurveda”

  1. Doctor, I feel that more Allopathy medicines only are promoted by the govt. as it becomes money making business for many who has no knowledge on medicines.

    Just curious to know…Who can grow these herbs? is it only those who studied Auyurveda or is there a special branch in Agri for these studies? Also what are the herbs which we can grow in our backyard easily?

  2. Very rightfully pointed out. I would like to add that taking Ayurvedic medicines in traditional manner (take powder or root, make a Kadha in the morning and then take the medication, etc also are one of the reason. Ready made medicines cost a lot because involved process of making kashyam or Ghrit, etc and the patient wonders why Ayurvedic medicine costs so much (thinking that after all they are some herbs collected from some forest for free).

  3. When i was inside one of the Ayurvedic shop in Palakkad ,kerala.a person from Germany talking about the Sanskrit names of our ayurvedic Herbas and medicines.then the doctor told me that Germans ahve good knowledge about Ayurveda and they do reserch.

    The problem with Indians are we do not have enough faith and patience on Ayurveda and when some body from Euorope says we believe.

    Like Kottakakl Vaidyasala herbal farm,we should grow the rare herbs farm.

  4. The main reason for the unpopularity of Ayurveda is that our own Allopathic and other Doctors degrade it. One thing they must realise is that Ayurveda is our own system of Medicine. Though Ayurveda has it’s own limitations, it still is a very genuine system of Medicine. It is high time the Doctors of all systems of Medicine compliment each other and concentrate on curing the patients instead of criticizing each other. Each system of Medicine is good in curing certain types of diseases. Each system of Medicine has it’s own special preparations. If one system of Medicine is good in emergency care, the other is good for prolonged treatment. After all many Allopathic drugs are made from plant extracts. The important ethics of Doctors should be curing the patients. All systems of Medicines have their own pros and cons.

      • I don’t think, it is “well said”, There is no comparison for Ayurveda. Allopathy is not medicine system at all form Ayurvedic perspective. Allopathy is simply tricks, technique of technology….! Like operations of heart, angiography, IVR method. First you have to be unhealthy then only Allopathy comes into picture of removing symptom, not removing rootcause….! Ayurveda is only system, which teaches how to be healthy. Ayurveda teaches, do fell sick. Whole idea of Ayurveda is be healthy, don’t fell sick. Incase you fell sick 60,000 medicines are available…! WoW…! But for Allopathy treatment, first you have to fell sick……! Indian life style is made such a way that it will keep VPK balanced. Food system as per season, ritual, culture all as per to balance VPK all the time. Ayurveda is there in every moment of Indian life style (not modern).


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