Home Remedy For Strength And Immunity In Chronic Lung Diseases

In long standing lung diseases like tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, chronic asthma etc (chronic means long standing), immunity, body strength and lung capacity to function normally gets depleted. Here is an easy home remedy, using ghee, jaggery and long pepper powder.

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What you need?
Pippali churna – Long pepper powder – 25 grams
Jaggery (brown sugar) – 25 grams
Ghee – 25 grams
Water – half a cup.

Method of preparation

How to make?
Take jaggery to a clean wide mouthed vessel.
Add half a cup of water.
Heat it to dissolve it.
Add ghee and long pepper fruit fine powder to the vessel.
Continue heating till all the water content evaporates.
In the initial phase of heating the jaggery, ghee and long pepper powder together, it formed a dirty mixed mass. But now, as you can see, the ghee has got completely separated from rest of the ingredients. This is also one of the things to observe to judge when to stop heating while making an herbal ghee preparation.
Nearing to the end, put a small piece of mass in the vessel to fire. If it does not make any sound, then it indicates that there is no more moisture in the ghee. This is the time to stop heating.
Stop heating and filter when it is hot.
You will get around 15 – 20 ml of final product (ghee).
In the initial phase of heating, there will be no aroma. Nearing to the end, ghee and long pepper give out good aroma.

How to use?

Half to one teaspoon of this ghee is given once or twice a day(before food) followed by a cup of warm water for a period of 1 – 2 months.
For those having recurrent lung problems (respiratory disorders), in a dose of one teaspoon per day, it can be taken for 2 – 3 months.


What are its benefits?
It improves strength and immunity.
It improves digestion power.
It helps to improve immunity and lung power in people with chronic lung diseases like tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, chronic asthma etc.
It is good for people undergoing lung cancer treatment.
It is also good for people with smoking habit.
Note that it is not a medicine to treat all above conditions. But it is a very good supplement to maintain high energy levels during those illnesses.

Mode of action

How it works?
People with chronic respiratory disorders often suffer from depleted strength, loss of muscle mass, lack of digestion strength and immunity. This traditional Ayurvedic recipe is tailor made for them.
Both ghee and jaggery have high nutritive value.
Ghee is a good anti aging and rejuvenating product. It helps to re-energise and boost immunity.
Long pepper, being an essential ingredient in anti aging products like Chyawanprash, is very good for respiratory and digestive systems. It also has rasayana (anti aging, rejuvenating effects).

How long to take?
It can be taken for a period of 2 weeks to 3 months, based on doctor’s advice.
Once prepared, how long can it be stored?
It can be stored for 6 months to one year, in a clean air tight container.


Safe for kids?
It is safe to use this in kids above 5 years of age, for a short period of 1 – 2 weeks, under medical supervision.

During pregnancy and lactation?
Better to avoid during pregnancy.
Fine to take it during lactation period.

Side effects

Any side effects?
Not suitable for people with diabetes.
Though it is made in ghee medium, it does not increase choelesterol levels, in the said dose.
It is even well tolerated with people with sensitive stomach or gastritis, who do not tolerate spices. 

5 comments on “Home Remedy For Strength And Immunity In Chronic Lung Diseases

  • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

    09/05/2014 - 4:09 pm

    Thanks. I am glad you found this remedy useful.

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  • sonal

    07/10/2014 - 2:06 am

    Like very much

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  • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

    05/06/2015 - 10:24 pm

    Hi, it may help to some extent but certainly cannot be regarded as a cure for Mesothelioma. Regular intake of Turmeric capsule – 1 capsule 2 times a day after food might improve patient’s condition but it is better to consult a herbalist directly.

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  • shaun Sam

    02/11/2015 - 2:08 pm

    thanks for the advice doctor however besides strengthening the lungs what can one take to assist in increasing the lung capacity in lungs which is chronic due to most of it being damaged through lung diseases such as sarcodosis

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