Why Genius People Are Eccentric? Wait! It’s Not Eccentricity

When we think about Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, etc along with their success, their eccentricity is unmissable. When you take a cross section of their eccentric behaviour, one thing becomes very clear. The use of word ‘eccentric’ in relation to them, is wrong.

I was watching this interview of VP of Marketing of Apple, Allison Johnson. Nearing to the end of interview, she makes a super point about Steve Jobs. She says, he was ‘authentic’ and ‘genuine’. She also goes on to narrate two stories when Steve Jobs cried like a baby, during corporate meeting. Once such occasion was during a meeting after iphone 4 antennagate incidence. He cried because he could not digest that such a lame thing can happen at his Apple. He was genuine and pure in his behaviour. There is no drama, there is no hypocracy. His behaviour is natural, so it is normal. He was authentic to himself. He cared for none while expressing his feelings. He was just being ‘himself’.

I think, the word eccentric should be replaced with “genuine” and “authentic” in dictionaries. Because, when we categorize a person as eccentric, there is no room for further exploration. There is nothing more to learn. He is being judged and there is no fruitful outcome of this analysis.


But if we call it as genuine and authentic, there is huge scope for further exploration and learning.
These geniuses of course had one-of-a-kind brain and mindset. But they never hesitated to ‘express themselves’. If we talk about art, dance, scientific research, etc, they are all a kind of genuine expressions of one’s self.

We all are studded with one or the other talents, skill sets, mental and physical powers. These powers come to us because of Karma of past lives and our habits of this life.
We often fail to make the best use of what we’ve got, because we fear – “what if others do not accept this? What if it fails? How my relatives would think of my art? A normal person would not risk this. So, I will not.”

We think too much about doing things and end up doing nothing. Whereas, the genius people toil day and night in just what they believe is right, both in their lifestyle and in their work. They get a few thoughts in their minds, they analyse and they act upon it, without thinking what others would do, in similar circumstance. They do what they love. They do what their heart and brain tell them. They don’t care to search for a path to follow. They carve out their own path and walk on it.

Because these people are authentic to their own self, they are fearless and are able to concentrate all their energies in the things that they love. A beautiful piece of art is nothing but a fearless expression of a genuine and authentic soul.

So, in our works, let us be authentic to our own selves.
Let us always try to put the best foot forward.
Let us not worry about what others would think of our actions.
Let us not think about what they would have done, if they were in our position.
Let our hearts and brains be our guides.
Let us express ourselves fearlessly and give our best in whatever we do.

17 thoughts on “Why Genius People Are Eccentric? Wait! It’s Not Eccentricity”

  1. I don’t think the majority of people would have taken the time that you did to actually see eccentricity in such a way. I agree with you completely. Having a child with Asperger’s Syndrome (an autism spectrum disorder) it is difficult for me to see him for who he really is and I’m always trying to get him to follow the norm of society. I think it’s time for me to allow him to be who he is. Thank you for this insight.

    • Neisha Cedeno,
      I suggest you to please watch the movie “Silver Linings Playbook”. That movie is the seed of the idea for this article.
      I would suggest the following for your kid –
      For motor, sensory aspects let him undergo training and correct him then and there.
      For emotional and behavioral aspects, let him take his own decisions. But you please guide him in judging what is good and what is bad.
      Try to identify his interest – dance, art, singing etc. and nurture his talents, be patient and I am very sure he will be a winner. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for writing the comment. πŸ™‚

      • I truly appreciate your reply and advice. I will do as you recommend. I’m sure I won’t always feel that it is easy but sometimes my best intentions aren’t always the right choices and I need to let him be who he is. Guidance and patience is key. Thank you very much.

  2. Dear Dr. Hebbar,

    It is genuinely difficult to be “genuine”, because to be genuine we need to take success or failure in the same spirit and take full responsibility for our actions.

    Brilliant thought, Thanks for sharing.

  3. My dear Dr.HEBBAR, In my opinion as a Guruji, I think that the content must have been written by you on a Gold Plate by using a Gold Pen. I don’t have that much ability and expression to appreciate you. I have more belief in myself in being very strong and straight forward for which I am called as “eccentric”. I am tough and stubborn, because I am fearlessly genuine and authentic, as you have said. This has made people to stand on one leg, under the hot Sun, to get opportunity to meet this small man. [Ref:www.teleremedy.net] Dr.Hebbar, You are more than a good Doctor, we know, but you are a big philosopher also. May ALL GODS AND HEAVENS BE BLESSING YOU for ever for rendering such a meticulous and inspiring service to humanity.

  4. Dr. Hebbar, thank you so much for this article! Please, write more on this subject as it is so important.

  5. I think I can call you an Eccentric (genuine and Authentic) in your thinking. Keep it up.
    M.Dakshina Murthy, Bangalore

    • Thanks! Being genuine and doing only those things that our heart allows and brain permit is very difficult. Yet possible. That is the right thing to do… Irrespective of external pressures.


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