Oh My God! That Ayurveda Doctor Takes Allopathic Medicine!

Have you seen any Ayurveda doctor taking Allopathic medicine? Being a follower, preacher and practitioner of Ayurveda principles, he should live his life in the most authentic Ayurveda way right? So, it is wrong when an Ayurveda doctor takes Allopathic medicine. But wait.

Ayurveda and Allopathy

It is common for an Allopathic doctor to consider Ayurveda (and other natural medical sciences) as inferior. Similarly, whenever you see a naturopath talking about Allopathic science, he usually criticizes Allopathy to explain the advantages of the natural medical science.

Hence there are some conceptions

  • that the natural medical sciences and Allopathy are at loggerheads with each other.
  • that any one among these two can exist in this world
  • that if someone is a naturopath, he has to be averse towards allopathy and vice versa
  • that one should not consume the medicine of the other science
  • that a naturopath should not use modern lab tests, ultrasound scans, MRI etc techniques and he should only stick to the ancient ways of diagnosing the disease.

I think these concepts are quite restrictive. If we both (Ayurveda and Allopathy) decide to move in parallel roads, it will be a huge loss to mankind. Let me explain.

ayurveda and allopathy

Ayurveda has got advantages in diseases like kidney stones, rheumatoid disease (affecting joints and heart, degenerative disorders like arthritis, diabetes, lifestyle disorders like obesity, high cholesterol levels etc.

Allopathy has got advantages in diseases like infectious conditions, surgical conditions, cardiac ailments etc.

So both the systems have advantages and disadvantages. Both are specialized in their own areas and both can co-exist.

If we adopt integrated approach involving both Ayurveda and allopathy, then it brings out the best of both worlds and the patient will be immensely benefited.

Ayurveda doctor taking Allopathic medicine 

Whenever I get some illness, usually people ask me – Hey doc, you too get sick?
Then I am like, – Don’t barbers grow hair?

If Ayurveda doctor falls sick and if he consults an Allopathic doctor and takes their medication, I do not see any problem there.
If you have subscribed to my blog, you know my story. If I had not undergone a surgery at the hands of an allopathic surgeon (Dr Mahesh, Chief Surgeon, Nanjappa Hospital, Shimoga), I would have died at the age of 9.

I know many Allopathic doctors seeking Ayurveda advice. I myself have many such clients from within India and abroad. I even have co ordination with some Allopathic doctors, whose patients seek natural remedies.

I have seen many allopathic doctors prescribing selective Ayurveda medicines. Himalaya companyย (which is an Ayurveda company) medical representatives gets major chunk of their business by allopathic physicians.

Day by day, the world is becoming smaller and the roads of Natural healing and allopathy are merging with each other.

We need to become grown ups. We need to develop all-inclusive mentality.

What say? Have some opinion? Let me know in the comment below.

21 thoughts on “Oh My God! That Ayurveda Doctor Takes Allopathic Medicine!”

  1. Totally agree……This is actually the need of the hour for a better, instead the best quality of life that mankind can lead….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very balanced blog.

    Whether you consult, Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Unnani or Naturopath, these all streams of different system of healing and well established in their own field. One should not criticise any system. It is left to the choice of patient which system he wants to follow. In every system there are miracle remedies and procedures which helps the individual to lead a happy and healthy life style.

  3. I feel ALLOPATHS must do some sort of exercise to explore what can be done best for AYURVEDA.After all this pathy running from ancient times in our country in the service of mankind.Allopaths are supposed to have great wisdom and they are more close to the modern science techniques.They can better contribute to the ayurveda if they leave apart the money earning tendencies and spare some time for the betterment of INDIAN AYURVEDA which is their only. ANAND RICHHARIYA

    • Nice thought. I completely agree! Some collaboration and ego-compromise needed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Dr Lakshmi sarma
    It is very essential to give the best treatment to the patient may be Allopathy or Ayurveda.Both are meant for the benefit and take out the best..Ayurveda is an age old science based on certain principles of the body system.Adopting both will be useful

  5. Healing a patient is an art.The best system of healing is one that cures the patient without any additional damage to the patient.Allopathy,Homeopathy,Aurveda or alternate system of healing like naturopathy,acupressure /acupuncture ,magnetic healing are all good.Those who praise one system over the other really don’t know the other system.The story of the great homeopath Dr ML Sarkar is an eye opener.All good things from different system should be integrated and should be the system for cure.Patients donot know where to go and what will be suitable for them.It is for medical fraternity to show respect for other system and integrate them into one “Great healing System”

  6. No offenses. we need to coexist and harness each others knowledge to serve mankind.Knowledge for the benefit of the whole mankind should be the spirit.

  7. Ayurveda texts are not simply a ‘ailment vs. medicine list’. They also outline principles and methods to be used to find root cause and cures, if I’m not mistaken. In that sense, my best guess is that there shouldn’t be any modern ailments that are not “covered by” Ayurveda. However, the reality is that we don’t have that level of expertise left in the Ayurvedic practitioners today that would allow them to understand the essence of the Ayurvedic texts in great depth and successfully apply those principles to help prevent and cure modern day ailments effectively.

    This, in my view, is a key reason that we must embrace Allopathy as well as Ayurveda in practical life today. You could say that some cures in Allopathy just happen to be more effective than Ayurveda. But perhaps more accurate would be to say that some Allopathic doctors just happen to be more skilled at curing certain ailments than their counterparts in Ayurveda, and vice versa.

    One related question that comes to mind is: Have allopathic doctors ever found cures for ailments which according to Ayurveda are untreatable?


    • 1. I agree with you for the most part. But there are really amazing Ayurveda doctors who have got immense success in their own disease specialties.
      2. There are some untreatable Ayurvedic disease, which is now Allopathic treatable. Thanks to advanced cardiac surgery, brain surgery and neonatal surgery techniques.

  8. In India, there are a few allopathy nursing homes, with an Ayurveda specialty. Example: Nanjappa Multi Specialty Hospital, Shimoga, Karnataka.
    But such hospitals are very rare ๐Ÿ™‚
    Many Ayurvedic centers and spas are now starting to have Allopathic wing. Like in AVN’s Swasthya Village, Madurai,Tamil Nadu, you also get to consult Allopathic neurologist, pediatrician and general physician.

  9. In future, Ayurveda will be called by the name what we make of it. It is in our (Ayurveda doctor’s hands) where we take the science to. ๐Ÿ™‚


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