Inviting Guest Articles – Approved Ones Will Be Rewarded

Do you have something very very useful to tell the world about health, relationship and lifestyle? You are cordially invited to use my platform.  The articles which get approved by the panel for publishing will receive a fee.

You can be an Ayurveda doctor, a housewife, a Yoga master, a healthcare professional, doctor from other health sciences like allopathy, naturopathy, Yoga, a health enthusiast, a common man, as long as the article is ultra-useful to the readers of this platform, you need not worry about who you are, to write an article for us.

About the fee:
The fee ranges from Rs 1,000 to Rs 4,000 per approved article. The fee depends on length, depth of research and quality of the article.
Once after submitting the article, it will be reviewed and the fees for it will be conveyed to the author. If the fees is acceptable to the author, only then the article will be published.

The article should be
The article should be unique, never-published-before, and very useful to the common man.
The article should be purely your work.
The article should be backed by scientific facts.
It can be on the topics of
Relationship management
Lifestyle tips
Child care – health or mental aspects, etc
Pregnancy care – personal experiences
Being a mother, being a father – experiences
Real life experiences
Topics of Ayurveda,
Natural remedies,
Recent healthcare advances,
Herbal medicine,
Your experience with an Ayurveda treatment,
Your life – health experiences, etc.

The article should not be –
Cut, paste makeup article.
A product promotion advertorial.
Your clinic promoting advertorial.
Misleading, false, with hazardous claims. (Example – this medicine has cured 20 AIDS patients)
Direct prescription to patients. (Something like, have diabetes? take my research backed medicine a, medicine b and medicine c and your diabetes will be gone forever, within 2 weeks)

writing guest articleArticle approval process –
Dr Hebbar and his panel of experts reserve the decision to approve or to reject the article.
Only approved articles will be rewarded with the fees specified above.
If the article requires considerable amount of editing, the fee may be reduced.
No part of the rejected article will be published.
Approval process may take about 4 – 7 days time. Once approved, payment will be sent within 1 – 4 weeks.
I hold the right to no-follow any or all the links in the article.

Once your article is approved,
Dr JV Hebbar shall own the copyright of the article. The author may re-publish the same article in any print magazine etc. The only condition is, the article should not again appear in any form, in any website, e-book, book etc.
The fee per article is one time fee only.
Wherever the article is published, due credit to the author will be given.
The articles may also be published in other platforms such as e-books, e-magazines, hard copy books. Due credits to the author will be given everywhere. But the author will not be given extra remuneration for its usage elsewhere.
The article may be published in full, or in part/parts, or it may be altered before publishing.

About the copyright
Dr JV Hebbar shall own the copyright of the article, in the online world. The authors will need to sign legal contract regarding copyright.

Links in the article –
The article may contain links to external websites if the subject needs further reading.
The links should not be affiliate links, product sales links, product / service promotion links, paid links etc.
Dr JV Hebbar and his panel may no-follow any / all the links or completely remove the links in the article, if found necessary.

You may / may not give address, email id, phone number, your website link etc in the author’s bio line. If you wish the readers to contact you for further discussion, the contact information will be published, based on your comfort.
Please send in your valuable article to [email protected]

5 thoughts on “Inviting Guest Articles – Approved Ones Will Be Rewarded”

  1. Sir,
    As a scientist, I have been knowing about the medicinal values of crops I work. At present, I am working on cotton. Recently, I saw programme in Gemini TV and started searching in net. I came to know about you and got your inspiring book. Please provide me information about the use of cotton plant in Ayurveda.
    Dr. Govinda Bhattiprolu.


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