My Take On Self Urine Therapy Based on Ayurveda

Well, this is an opinion based article.  There may be some people on either side of the argument. But I have tried to put conscience and some Ayurveda principles behind my logic. 

The process of urine formation – The body decides which material to keep and which material to throw out. Based on those decisions, urine is formed in kidney, stored in urinary bladder for a while and eliminated from the body from time to time.
So, the Self urine therapy is advocating to re-use something that the body is throwing out naturally.

Morarjibhai Desai, the former prime minister of India used to undergo self urine therapy and massage on daily basis and he lived for 100 years. This does not mean / there is no proven record to show that whoever does self urine therapy would live for 100 years. It also does not indicate that people who are more than a hundred year old are having their urine as their early morning drink.

A UK article here– states many benefits of urine treatment like – it is very cost effective. Well, there are very simple Ayurveda herbs that are very cost effective, which are better as medicines. The article says, cow urine is useful in sore throat. Of all the herbs and medicines and other things that are available to cure sore throat, you use your own urine? If you ask me, there is nothing better than honey and ginger to heal a sore throat.

Urine for cancer prevention: It is just a hype and if it is beyond its hype, it needs solid medical data to prove its efficacy beyond doubt.

Wikipedia article on urine therapy mentions about a Yoga practice called as Amaroli, which was practiced by ancient seers for mind tranquility and visualization. Well, there are better Yogic practices that you can adopt on a daily basis, like Pranayama, Neti etc. that are more simpler and natural.

Precaution to urine therapy, as explained in another article is to avoid it when pus cells and micro organisms are found in urine. This is another impractical advice. Pus cells and microbes appear and disappear in urine on a regular basis. So, if you wish to follow urine therapy, you will have to do urine testing everyday.

Ayurveda – explains human urine qualities in a very few contexts. It is used as a treatment of poisoning. Nowhere, in daily routine, explanation of self urine therapy is explained. This clearly indicates that it is not something to be done daily. As far as the treatment of poisoning goes, there are surely better alternatives to self urine therapy.

Having said that, Ayurveda uses other animal urine like cow urine in treatment of certain diseases. But as I had discussed in a previous cow urine benefits article, if it is distilled, then it is better. That too, cow urine therapy is not recommended as a daily treatment for a very long period of time. It is only recommended for a few weeks to a couple of months, at the maximum.

Bottom line– I do not approve of self urine therapy at all.

2 thoughts on “My Take On Self Urine Therapy Based on Ayurveda”

  1. Urine therapy is safe & more effective if u follow the principles as described in Shivambu prayog vidhi of Damar Tantra. Like avoiding salt, sour foods, sleeping early & collecting in early morning discarding 1st & last part of urine etc etc.
    No medicine, nonveg food, masala etc should be taken.
    Its safe as I have tried this before in my healthy stage for nearly a year.
    But during practice, neither I feel any advantage nor suffered from any disease.
    It can also happen that I might not feel the advantages.


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