Staying Healthy Through the Cold While Pregnant

Written by Katie Moore.
After the holidays have passed and we all settle in for the winter cold, the most common activity may be to hide under a blanket with warm treats. Everyone struggles with staying healthy in the wintertime, but pregnant women have even more of a challenge. Pregnancy was such a wonderful time for me. I learned and researched so much about every topic from birthing plans and diapers to breastfeeding and cord blood banking. I knew my body so well. Take your term as a great time to learn a lot about yourself and your health to help baby have the best start to his life.

As I became more aware of my body, I also became more aware of what I was putting into it. I had always thought I was rather healthy as I ate nutritious foods and worked out a (mostly) regular basis. However, upon becoming pregnant, I realized just how many chemicals I was ingesting with my foods. This was not an optimal situation for my baby or myself. I decided to eat more natural foods. I’m a major proponent of the phrase, “moderation is key.” Therefore, I didn’t go crazy with buying everything labeled “organic”, but I did make a concerted effort to buy more locally grown, natural foods.

It was an easy transition for me and it can be so for any mom expecting a little one. At first, I thought a switch to natural foods would be extremely expensive and that I would have to give up certain foods. Little did I know that I was wrong! Here are some simple steps that any person can take to have a more natural diet:

– Purchase organic fruits and vegetables. By doing so, you’ll be avoiding pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Keep an eye out for coupons and sales on these products.

– Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Choose grapes, sweet potato fries or cut up vegetables for snacks.

– Carbohydrates and dairy can actually contribute to gut problems, feeling tired and unhealthy weight gain. It’s best to try to cut these foods out as much as possible.

– Try to avoid uses medicines for heads and backaches, and these are certainly common with pregnancy. Prenatal massages or natural oils can help with back pain.

-Regular exercise, with your doctor’s permission, and drinking lots of water are helpful too. Doing so will help you increase your strength and energy, making it more possible for you to have a natural birth when the big day finally arrives.

As I mentioned earlier, moderation is absolutely key. No harm exists in having a few treats once in a while. I tried my best to live a natural lifestyle while I was pregnant, and during that time, I felt better than I ever had before and I was in the best shape of my life. Now, I am able to share these healthy and nutritious foods with my daughter as she develops a palette of her own!

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