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Two Home Remedies For Kidney Stones And Dysuria [Video]

Kidney stones is a generic name given to urinary calculi, that may be present in kidney, ureter (the tube connecting kidneys to urinary bladder), the urinary bladder or in the urethra. Let us learn two different home remedies for this very painful condition. This home remedy is also good for people suffering from difficulty in passing urine, also known as dysuria.

1. Home remedy for kidney stones and dysuria

Home Remedies For Kidney Stones And Dysuria


  • Small pieces of freshly cut banana stem.
  • Cardamom seed – 1 gram.
  • A mortar and pestle (or a mixer).

Banana tree is popularly known as kalpavruksha in Sanskrit. It means, the tree that gives everything that is desired. This is because, starting from leaves, to ripe and unripe fruits, stem, flowers and roots, each and every part of a banana tree is stuffed with immense useful medicinal qualities.

Its stem juice is used as a traditional remedy for kidney stones.

Method of preparation

Crush banana stem and extract its juice – Take around 10 ml of the juice.
Add 1 gram cardamom seeds to this juice and grind for two minutes.


This home remedy in a dose of 10 ml is given two times a day, on empty stomach or 10 minutes before food, two times a day.
The dose can be increased based on the severity of the disease, as per your doctor’s advice.

Mode of action

Cardamom is an excellent pain killer. It also has relaxing effect over muscles. It helps to relax the bladder and urethral sphincters so as to initiate urination. It also helps to reduce the pain caused due to urinary calculi and urine retention.

Banana stem juice – is an efficient diuretic and also lithotriptic.
Diuretic means, it collects urine faster in the bladder and hence the person passes more urine. This gives a flushing effect on stones.
Lithotriptic means, it helps to crush stones into pieces, which are easily eliminated.

Conditions apply:
Each time, the banana juice needs to be extracted afresh. Once extracted, the juice can be stored for a maximum of 4 -5 hours only. It gets spoilt quickly.
You need to check with your doctor before trying this home remedy.


  • Patients with kidney stones
  • Patients with difficulty in passing urine (Dysuria), without any structural deformity of the tract. This means, if the patient has any stricture in urethra or ureter, this home remedy may not be useful. Your doctor will be the best judge.

2. Second home remedy?
In the traditional Ayurvedic reference, it is told that you can use cow urine in place of banana stem juice for the same purpose. But the dose of cow urine will be only one teaspoon, or as your doctor advises.
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