My 3 Resolutions For 2013 – Hope It Makes Sense To You As Well

I have made three resolutions for 2013. One is related to work, one is for health and another for medicines. Hope this inspires you to have some similar resolutions for yourself. Let us get started – 

1. I want to make this, the longest  year.
new year resolution 2013
I am not sure if this is grammatically correct. In general sense, longest hour refers to a painful period. But here, the case is different. I want to make the most out of each and every minute of this year. I plan to achieve this by saving a lot of time and being smarter.
I want to walk faster, type faster, run faster, climb the stairs faster, (disclaimer: could be dangerous), talk faster and think faster.
While I am on a phone conversation, I want to cut down on “then what else?”
I want to use lesser words in my articles to express my ideas so that you can read my articles quickly. (and share them with your friends if you liked them)
I want to sleep for stipulated hours with alarm clock on. I want to properly plan my daily routine and give less chances for ‘unexpected and unscheduled events’.
I want to make each minute of this year count.
I want to spend less time on the Facebook wall. Rather, I would like to spend more time on my facebook page, connecting with you people and solving your problems, talking and writing about what matters to you.
I included this resolution because I want to spend more time working, to spend more time with my mother, daughter and wife.

2. To make more of my own medicines
This year, I plan to make a lot of herbal medicines for myself and would buy very less medicines from the market. I will be recording  numerous home remedies. You can expect at least one home remedy tutorial per week from me.
The big advantage with self made medicines is – that we can be very sure of what we add to it. Because, we ourselves are adding the ingredients with our own hands.
For example, If you buy Ashwagandha capsule from the market, you’re only betting on the marketer. But if you buy Ashwagandha herb and use it in your medicine, there is nothing as pure and powerful as that.
Similar is the case with triplala.

3. To watch my body and mind closely
I would like to catch any new illness in its budding stage and squash it then and there. Because, as per Ayurveda, in early stage of illness, less powerful medicines are quite sufficient.
I would want to make sure that I hold good composure of mind all through the day.

I promise to live more this year! and
I promise to give more!!
Wish you a very happy and healthy 2013!!!

8 thoughts on “My 3 Resolutions For 2013 – Hope It Makes Sense To You As Well”

  1. Hello sir,
    when i was 14, i used take MEDHAVATI which is brain tonic, I remember the first day, I had very deep sleep(without any freaky dreams). Now I am 17 and medhavati doesn’t work for me ?? Another question is which is better neem or manjishtha.
    Thank you

  2. Is it true that the efficacy of herbs goes down with prolonged + continuous use? Is it recommended to take a break in between long periods of intake? (of course for long term safe herbs only)

    • It is not true that the efficacy decreases after usage for a long period of time. If the herbs are safe, like Amla, turmeric etc, then no need to take a break. If the herbs are not very safe, and used to target a particular treatment only, then it makes sense to take a break in between.


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