Obama’s Food Choices – Too Many Facebook Friends – Your Mental Health

An article on Barack Obama revealed that he does not have any choices when it comes to his food or clothing. A recent study has revealed that having too many Facebook friends is bad. But how are these two related to each other and to your mental health? Read to find out.

Our brain can be compared to a computer. It has its own speed of working (~RAM speed)  and its own limited space (~Disk Space). If you overload the brain or if you try to accelerate the working speed of brain, it gets stressed, it may crash, just like your computer.

An article about Barack Obama (during his election campaign) detailed about his day to day lifestyle. It said that he avoids making his food and dress choices. That way he can reduce his brain load on ‘decision making’. He is making his RAM speed and Disc space available to the more important tasks, by avoiding the brain usage for not-so-important tasks. This is his intelligent way of reducing stress.

A recent study by University of Edinburgh Business School revealed that more Facebook friends means more stress. If you have too many friends, naturally you will be getting too many Facebook updates from those friends on your wall. Naturally your brain is flooded with those updates. This leads to information overload and this leads to stress.

When you have too much of work to do, it is always better to write them down, one by one based on your priority. This is because, when you see the first work in the list, the brain temporarily forgets the rest of the works and you get good concentration to perform this most important first task, better.

In meditation, there is a process called ’emptying’. This helps to free your mind and brain from all the thoughts. Thus meditation helps to improve your thinking speed, concentration and memory.

Bottom line:
To have a stress free mind, limit your source of information to only the important things. Discard all the not-so-important stuff.

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