Oil Massage To Baby: Precautions, Method, Ayurvedic Oil Combinations

Oil massage is one of the must do things for babies. As per Ayurveda, it is recommended for healthy children of all age. The selection of Ayurvedic oil depends largely on the baby’s skin tone, overall built, general health etc. Hence it is better to consult an Ayurvedic doctor for the advice. However, there are certain mistakes to avoid while doing oil massage for a baby.

baby massage technique

Mistakes to avoid

Applying too much of pressure: It might cause pain and discomfort to the baby. Very gentle pressure or just smearing the oil over the skin is good enough.

Contact to eyes: Many of the herbal oil ingredients will be hot in potency and may irritate the eyes of the baby.


Entry into mouth: May induce throat irritation and vomiting.

Holding the baby in your hands: Because the oil is very slippery, the baby may slip out of your hand. So, make her sit on a mat or a soft towel.

Allowing the baby to crawl around after massage: The baby may slip and fall. Keep all the things that you need near you, before you start the massage. Do not leave the baby alone, after applying the oil.

Massaging while baby has cold and fever: Massage is best avoided during cold and fever.

Using cold water for bathing – After massage, only lukewarm water should be used for bath. Otherwise, the applied oil might not be washed away properly from the skin.

Leaving the oil on the body for more time: Ideally, 10 – 15 minutes gap between oil massage and bathing is good enough for babies.

Massage soon after or just before feeding – This may cause indigestion or vomiting. Ideally, there should be a minimum gap of 30 – 45 minutes between feeding and massage.

Using a very cold oil for massage: If you live in a cold area, or during winter, it makes sense to heat the oil to 40 degree Celsius  before using it for massage.

You, watching TV, Facebook / twitter while massaging: Better watch your lovely baby than watching other stuff. Overall, oil massage to your baby is a good way to promote body strength and immunity, if done in the right way.

Oil test for babies

Basically, any herbal oil can lead to skin allergy reactions. Baby skin is very tender, so it is always best to consult an Ayurvedic doctor for the right oil choice. Even with the doctor’s prescription, before trying the oil directly, do a skin allergy test with the oil as below.

Test over a small area on forearm
Apply 5 drops of the oil over forearm.
Leave it for 5 minutes. Watch for any allergic reaction.
If any allergic reaction, apply turmeric powder over the allergic area -> consult doctor
If there is no allergic reaction, the oil is safe to use.

Oil mix for babies

Warning: The below information is for the sake of information. Consult your doctor for an opinion.

Nalpamaradi oil – 100 ml
Kumkumadi taila – 20 ml
Chandana Bala Lakshadi taila – 100 ml
Sesame oil – 100 ml.

Nalpamaradi oil – 100 ml
Kumkumadi taila – 20 ml
Sesame oil – 100 ml

Ksheerabala taila – 100 ml
Kumkumadi taila – 20 ml
Sesame oil – 100 ml

I live in a cold country. My baby is four months old. Can I use Nalpamaradhi thailam for him?
Is it okay to use, as the climate here is cold? Also I was advised that not to use any soap for baby so is it must that I should wash off this thailam using soap. I am now applying coconut oil and don’t use any soap.

You can use Nalpamaradi tailam even in a cold climate country.
But I suggest to wash it off using some mild baby soap or at least Chickpea flour (gram flour / Besan), while bathing.
It is very important to get rid of the oil while bathing, or else the baby may catch a cold.
I do not think that just a hot water bath will get rid of the applied oil.
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50 thoughts on “Oil Massage To Baby: Precautions, Method, Ayurvedic Oil Combinations”

  1. Nalpamaradi Tailam and bala Ashwagandhadi tailam are good for body massage.
    Neelibhringadi tailam is good for head.

  2. Doctor, Can we use Nalpamaradi Tailam and bala Ashwagandhadi tailam for massaging 2.6 yrs child as well? Is it a daily massage oil or twice a week?

  3. Dear Dr.
    I am advised by a lot of people to use dabur lal tail for my 6 month old son. What would you suggest.

  4. 1. You can leave the oil even for more time than that, say, upto 30 – 45 minutes. More than that, especially with coconut oil might make the body cooler, which may worsen cough and cold, if the kid had it.

    2. Cold water bath or even if the kid plays with cold water, after an oil massage, it may cause joint stiffness.
    If practiced continuously for a few days or more, it can be a cause for fever.

  5. You can use. In males, it does not affect beard growth.
    It is fine to use it along with kumkumadi tailam for whole body massage.

  6. Hi my one daughter is 3 and other is 4.5 i want to increase their height
    Is dabur lal tail is good for their bones growth?

  7. No Madam. It is used in the treatment of fever and related bodyache. You can use:
    1. Kukumadi taila
    2. Nalapamaradi taila

  8. mixture of nalparamathikera and kumkumadithailam looks better but it is difficult to tell. Please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.

  9. Hello sir as per your advice I am using sesame oil. I need a suggestion for umbilical hernia (umbilical region swollen) but not painful. I am worried. He just completed 2 months. Please suggest any remedy for this. I have consulted a doctor, said no problem, it will automatically ok.

  10. Hello doctor,
    My son is 2 months old… Someone suggested me ksheerbala tailam for his body massage. Is it good to use?

  11. During cold infection, it is best to avoid applying oil and washing hair. Washing body with lukewarm / hot water is fine.

  12. My 3.5 month old daughter has very less hairs on her head. Currently I am using cows Ghee for massaging whole body and head. After bath, I apply mothercare body lotion on body and coconut oil on her hairs. Is this the right practice? Should I continue using plain cows Ghee for massage? What should I do for hair growth?

    • Hi, hairs will grow eventually.. in about 12-18 months. Nothing to worry. Please continue with cow ghee massage and coconut oil application.

  13. Hello sir, my daughter 4 month old daughter is not gaining weight now her weight 4.5kg at the time of birth 3 kg. What should we do for this ? Is there any Ayurvedic massage oil which helps Regarding this ?? Currently am using balaswagandhi Thailam . Thanks in adavance

  14. Hi, any oil massage, during cold and cough is not good. Please avoid oil massage till the cough is relieved.

  15. Hello doctor, my 14 month son drink one or two sip dabur red oil by mistakenly so pls suggest if any side effects fir this??

    • If there are no vomiting / diarrhea episodes, nothing to worry. Let your son drink hot water repeatedly for 2 days.

  16. hi doctor,

    I hv a confusion.

    Should new borns first massaged and then sponged or first sponged with luke warm water and then massaged??

  17. Hello sir..my girl s is of 2yrs.still not able to walk.find bit difficulty in standing on her own.since 1 week I am using Bala vishu taila on my neighbour suggestion.according to doc calcium deficiency is her problem. Will this oil help her to gain strong muscles

  18. Hi, it is good to apply on hair as well. Though commonly used for body massage. Do not worry about the turmeric content. It does not cause hair loss.

  19. Please Sir, what can you suggest for eczema on on 6month old? It’s on the chest, neck stomach and back. Also on back of legs and elbows.

  20. Thank you doctor for your reply…I have one more concern…She has dark legs compared to body…Her skin tone is not even…Wat can be done to even her skin tone…Plz suggest..


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