5 Important Things To Learn From Gangnam Style

Recently, Psy, a rapper from South Korea has become a rage with his new album song – Gangnam style, the video song. There are many meta analysis done on why the video has become such a huge success.  I admire Psy for his excellent skills. There are things that all of us should learn in that video. They are –

Back your talent – No matter how less talented you are, just keep on nurturing it and one day, your efforts will surely be rewarded.

Do not be shy to express yourself – We are really a pool of talent. But most of us ‘hesitate’ to express it. Look at the confidence on the face of Gangnam. He knows he can not dance very well, he knows his physique is not so good. But he does not ‘hesitate’ to express himself in the form of dance and song. One of the major reasons that the video went viral is, his bold expressions… if you ask me.

During my post graduation days, I had attended an international Ayurveda seminar in Chennai. (2006). At one of those days, the person who was to sing Dhanwantari Prayer was missing. So, they approached our group and asked if anyone of us can sing the prayer. I volunteered and sung it. I am not very good at singing, I admit.
One of my friends asked – “Da, I would not say that you were awesome, but you were definitely good. How did you do it?”

I said – “Regardless of whether I am the best singer in the audience or not, the opportunity came to me, and I took it.”

Walking a ramp of 20 – 30 feet length, with style is not a big deal for any beautiful person. But not every beautiful person can become a model. The difference lies in – walking with confidence and style.

Be simplistic – There is a great saying that – ‘Beauty lies in simplicity’. Look at the song title and the dance steps. Anyone can copy it and they’re catchy. When I started this Ayurveda blog, I was having plans to explain complex phyto chemistry with Ayurveda. But I think, keeping the concepts simple and straight has been very rewarding so far.
One of the management lessons that they teach in business schools is to simplify the process of thinking and organizing.
I guess, the word ‘organizing’ means something related to keeping the things simple, straight and neat.

Be good at one particular thing – Psy may be bad at dancing and body building. But he is super-awesome at singing and writing lyrics. We need to have some sort of specialization. We need to be experts at something, that is related to our profession. A cook needs to be an expert in cooking at least one dish. There should be no better cook in the world, who would make that dish as good as her.

“I fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks once. But I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times.”  – Bruce Lee

Spreading happiness works – At the end of the video, we feel happy and rejoiced. If your intention is to spread happiness, to serve people, to share love and knowledge, even your little efforts will be rewarded and you will definitely be a winner!

If you have not watched the Video yet, Watch it here 

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