Things To Look In The Label Of Your Ayurvedic Medicine

The label of your Ayurvedic medicine should contain some basic information to help you analyze the medicine, even in the absence of a doctor. The Government of India has made some rules and regulations with respect to label of Ayurvedic medicines. Here are the details. 

Note: These rules does not apply if your doctor himself is manufacturing the medicines and is dispensing to his own patients.

What your Ayurvedic medicine label should have – 

Name of the medicine – should be displayed clearly in English, preferably also in Hindi and local language.

Ayurvedic medicine – Your label will contain ‘Ayurvedic medicine’ if the formula of the product is from an Ayurvedic text book. This indicates that it is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine. In this case, the label will also contain the reference for the formula.

Example: Mahanarayan Oil  – Reference: Bhaishajya Ratnavali Vatavyadhi Rogadhikara – 151 – 162
Some companies abbreviate the reference text book names to save some space in the label.
If the manufacturer has made the formula of ingredients himself, then the label would have – “Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine”

Ingredient list – It should have true list of all the ingredients, with proportions and botanical names.
If it contains any added coloring agent, flavoring agent, preservatives and such other additives, the information about the same and quantity should be clearly mentioned in the label.

Percentage of alcohol  – A certain group of Ayurvedic medicines called Asava and Arishta contain self generated alcohol. Such medicines label should contain – “percentage of self generated alcohol does not exceed 10 % volume/volume”.

Dosage and indication: is required, especially if it is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine.

For external application only: In case the medicine is to be applied externally and not meant for oral intake.

If the medicine contains any toxic ingredients that are listed here, the label should contain –

also be mentioned in Hindi.

Manufacturing license number, batch number, date of manufacture and net content of the product should be clearly mentioned.

Expiry date: We have previously learnt that Ayurvedic medicines do have expiry dates. All Ayurvedic medicines must mention the expiry date clearly on the label.

Manufacturer’s information Address and customer care number is a must to display on the label.

What if the size of the label is too small? 
In such case, manufacturer is required to keep a paper insert with the medicine, containing the above-mentioned information.

What if your medicine does not contain such information? 
Call the customer care number and request for the same.

8 thoughts on “Things To Look In The Label Of Your Ayurvedic Medicine”

    • No. There are no rules for that, as long as the doctor is selling his medicines ‘only’ to his patients.

  1. I had bought certain medicines of Baidyanath company. Ingradients were mentioned on the label but quantities were not mentioned. Neither there was a leaflet in the container. So I sent a mail to Customer Care Dept. There was no reply. I sent two more reminders. Still No Reply. What can be done?

  2. Are medicines containing self-generated alcohol bad fo liver like liquors? I had tested my liver 2 months back and it had elvated enzyme levels bcaues of continous alcohol consumption. I stopped consuming alcohol after the test (2 months). Is it ok for me to take mritasanjivani arishtam? I read in some place that it has “self-generated alcohol” not sure whether this is the same as alcohol in beer, whiskey, etc. or is it safe?

  3. Hi sir. Good morning. i am interested to start Ayurveda manufacturing industry. I have 2 doubts

    1. How many types and list of Ayurveda products we can manufacture with licence and how many types of products we can manufacture with out license.
    2. Most importantly where do i get these products formulations.

    Could you please help me to find out the requirement details.

    thanking you sir.

    • Dear sir,
      There are many categories of Ayurvedic products.
      Dietary supplements – for which no Ayurveda (GMP) license is required.
      Ayurvedic medicines and cosmetics – license is required.
      For more details, contact Dr Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD. He offers paid consultancy service.


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