Which Ayurvedic Medicines Are Not Safe For Children? How To Know?

Suppose, you have got a medicine in your hand. How do you know that the medicine is not safe for pregnant women, lactating mothers and children? And how to quickly know that the medicine should only be taken under strict medical supervision? Here is a rule of thumb.

Caution: The below said rule always holds good. But it does not mean by default that, all other medicines which obey the below rules are safe for pregnant women, lactating mothers and children. It does not mean that you can take all other medicines without medical supervision.

1. In my website containing information about more than 1000 Ayurvedic medicines, I have made it clear, which are safe and which are not safe for pregnant women etc.

2. In children, pregnant and lactating mothers, do not self-medicate. Use all medicines only under strict medical supervision.

3. Inform the Ayurvedic doctor. – Tell the doctor voluntarily, if you’re pregnant or a lactating mother. This will alert him to use only safer herbs.

4Some of the Ayurvedic medicines contain toxic herbs and heavy metal ingredients in very low quantities. Usually, these types of ingredients are used only after proper purification.

However, to be on the safer side, it is better to avoid medicines with such ingredients in pregnant, children etc.

Such medicines should always be taken under strict medical supervision.

Look into the ingredients enlisted in the label or the paper-insert of the medicine.  If you find any of the following ingredients, it means it can be avoided in those people.

Here is the list –
Ahiphena – Papaver somniferum – Opium
Arka – Calotropis gigantea
Bhallataka – Semecarpus anacardium
Bhanga – Cannabis sativa
Danti – Baliospermum montanum (Used in Dantyarishta)
Dhattura – Datura metal (used in Kanakasava)
Gunja – Arus precatorius
Jayapala – Croton tiglium
Karaveera – Gloriosa superba
Langali – Gloriosa superba
Parasika Yavani – Hyoscyamus inibar /  Hyoscyamus niger
Snuhi – Euphorbia nerifolia
Vatsanabha – Aconitum chasmanthum / Aconitum ferox
Vishamushti / Tinduka / Lakucha – Strychnos nuxvomica
Shringivisha – Aconitum chasmanthum
Karaveera – Nerium indicum
Sarpavisha – Snake poison

Ingredients of mineral origin: 
Gauripashana – Arsenic, Arsenic oxide
Haratala – Arsenic tri sulphide
Manashila – Arsenic bi sulphide
Parada – Mercury
Rasa Karpura – Hydrargyri subchloridum
Rasa Sindhura – A compound of Purified Mercury and Purified Sulphur
Makaradhwaja – A compound of purified Mercury, Sulphur and Gold
Tuttha – Copper sulphate
Hingula – Cinnabar
Sindhura – Red oxide of lead
Girisindura – Red oxide of Mercury

  • This does NOT mean that all the Ayurvedic medicines are poisonous and contain heavy metals. Only a few Ayurvedic medicines contain the above ingredients.
  • This means that if your medicine has any of the above ingredients, avoid it in pregnant women etc.
  • This does NOT mean that all other medicines are safe.

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