Ayurveda Home Remedy For Fever

Ayurveda offers many home remedies in combination of herbs and dosage forms for fever. In fever, Kashayam (water decoction) is mainly used, because it gets absorbed quickly and brings about swift action. Here we learn about one such powerful Kashayam home remedy for fever.

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Guduchi powder – Stem of Indian Tinospora – Tinospora cordifolia – 5 grams
Dashamula – group of ten roots. Available in ready mixed form.  – 25 grams

The Dashamoola are –
Bilva – Aegle marmelos
Agnimantha – Premna mucronata
Shyonaka – Oroxylum indicum
Patala – Stereospermum suaveolens
Gambhari – Gmelina arborea
Brihati – Solanum indicum
Kantakari – Solanum xanthocarpum
Gokshura – Tribulus terrestris
Shalaparni – Desmodium gangeticum
Prishnaparni – Uraria picta

Water – 200 ml
Guduchi + Dashamoola – 25 grams together is added to 200 ml of water, boiled in mild fire, and reduced to 50 ml. Filtered.

How to take?

This Kashayam is taken in a dose of 10 – 20 ml two times a day before food.
Once prepared kashayam can only be stored for one day.
If you prepare this kashayam in the morning, you can have the same Kashayam at night, without heating.

When can one use it?
This Kashayam can be used as a co drink in any type of fever.
It can also be used along with other fever medications that you might be taking.

Mode of action

How it is effective?
Guduchi is one of the widely used herbs in treating fever. It is potent antipyretic herb.
Dashamoola group of herbs is very potent anti inflammatory.

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5 comments on “Ayurveda Home Remedy For Fever

  • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

    09/10/2014 - 4:24 pm

    Hi, if it is viral fever, then amrutaballi (Guduchi, Giloy) can be of use.
    The method of usage –
    COllect the stem, dry in shade. Make it into small pieces – take around 3 teaspoons of it in two cups of water, boil and reduce it to quarter a cup.
    For adults, the dose is – half a cup of this (roughly 15 – 20 ml) – 2 times a day before food.
    For kids of 5 year age, 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

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    • Mrs Sen

      13/09/2015 - 7:56 am

      We have giloy plants at home. What is the best way to consume fresh giloy? We chew about three inches of the stem per head first thing in the morning for overall good health. Since it is rough, we only take the pulp, not the skin.

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      • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

        09/10/2015 - 10:25 pm

        Chewing is fine. You can cut them into small pieces, boil 2 teaspoons of it in a cup of water, reduce it to half a cup, filter and drink it, after food.

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  • Kkr R

    01/09/2016 - 2:54 pm

    Thanks for the useful information Dr., i have a question about the storage of the Kashaya prepared out of Guduchi, I read that it can be stored for 8hrs/ consumed within a day of preparation. I am wondering if there is any method to make it stand good for a longer period of time. As we usually get Kashayams from Ayurvedic clinics (read AVP/Kottakkal) which are good even beyond 6 months. Is there a different method of preparation which will prolong the potency of Kashaya for longer period of storage. Can you please elaborate the same, it shall be useful for many.
    Thanks in advance.

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    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

      10/09/2016 - 5:41 pm

      Hi, kashaya prepared at home is good for 8 hours after preparation. market available kashayas of all companies contain added preservatives such as Sodium benzoate.
      Home made one is always better than the readymade one.

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