Different Questions To Ayurvedic Doctor And How He Perceives Them

When you consult an Ayurvedic doctor, there are many ways of asking questions and there can be different replies based on your questioning. Before pursuing post graduation, I was working under a very famous Psychiatrist, Dr KR Sridhara.

Many people were coming and asking him – “Doctor my son has so and so complaints and needs your counselling”. The Psychiatrist used to correct them saying, “See, what she actually needs, counselling, or medicines or nothing, depends on her mental condition. Please allow me to decide on that.” On that note, let us try to understand how an Ayurvedic doctor perceives different questions asked to him.

Ayurvedic doctor
Ayurvedic doctor

Q. I have cold. Will chyawanprash work? 


The question is limiting the Ayurvedic doctor to chyawanprash and whether it is helpful to relieve cold or not.
(Yes it does, to an extent).
But it is making the doctor avoid opening up other options of treating the cold that you have. If your intention is just to know about chyawanprash’s efficacy on cold, then it is fine. But if you mean to ask the doctor for a medicine for cold, then you might be limiting the doctor’s choice.

Q. I have cold. Chyawanprash or Cofavin Syrup which is better for me? 


You already have done your research and wants the doctor to say which one is the best among the two.

Q. Can you please suggest some home remedies for this? 


The choice of the doctor is limited only to home remedies. The doctor might feel confused to suggest some Ayurvedic medicine from market.

Q. I had gone to that doctor, who prescribed these medicines. Are they right? What you suggest? 


The doctor has the task of judging / improving the prescription of the other doctor. He needs to keep in mind that his way of explaining the disease condition and reasons for medicines might differ from the same explained by the previous doctor.

Q. I have these complaints. These are the medicines that I am currently taking. What do you suggest? 


Most comfortable for the doctor, since it is an open end question. He has all the options with his hand to suggest to patient. He (or she) can be own with his suggestions.

Note: I am not trying to judge here which type of questioning is correct and which one is wrong. At the end of the day, Ayurvedic consultation is a patient oriented exercise. When patient leaves the Ayurvedic clinic, he should be totally convinced and happy that his requirement is met in all possible ways by the efficient Ayurvedic doctor. It may be for clearing a doubt about a medicine or a detailed consultation for a chronic disease.

8 thoughts on “Different Questions To Ayurvedic Doctor And How He Perceives Them”

  1. My question is regarding a Home Remedy book which briefly describes about all the Jadi-bootis & their uses.
    Also can U send me ur hand written arcticles explaining How to develop our health & life style in a ayurvedic pattern or treatment way.

    • Dear sir,
      I have not written any book entirely on home remedies. Please search for home remedies in this website and you will get quite a few home remedy articles and videos. A lot more coming up.

  2. Hello Sir,
    How are you? Thanks for responding our queries.
    I have one more doubt. I read “Sarpagandha” will good and reduce Blood pressure.. Please let me know your thouhgt on this medication.

    • Sarpagandha is one of the widely used Ayurvedic herb to treat hypertension. Its tablet – Sarpagandha ghanavati and combination with other herbs – such as Norbeepee tablet etc are available in the market. But to take it Ayurvedic consultation and regular BP monitoring are highly necessary.

  3. What are the good\bad effects of eating the combination of Kaitha(Limonia acidissima) and cow’s millk during pregnancy?


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