Ayurvedic Cardiac Tonic – Home Remedy For Heart Support [Video]

Ayurveda explains in detail about functions of heart and ways to promote heart health. Ayurveda explains an herb called – Arjuna as a superior remedy, which acts as a cardiac tonic.  This herb is found as an ingredient in most of the cardiac supportive herbal supplements and Ayurvedic medicines. Let us learn a home remedy using this herb.

Ayurveda For Heart

This home remedy for heart is prepared in clarified butter (ghee) base. Here, the herb Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) is processed in the medium of ghee. The herbal ghee prepared based on Ayurveda principles is known as Ghritam / Ghrita / Ghrit.  We are preparing Ghritam with Arjuna, hence this ghee preparation is called as Arjuna Ghritam. It is a traditional Ayurvedic product. Let us learn how to prepare it.

Watch the video for a detailed understanding. The explanation about the video is given below.

Home remedy video

Method of preparation

Step 1

First prepare a Kashayam of Arjuna. For this purpose, following ingredients are taken.

1. Arjuna – Terminalia arjuna 40 g (coarse or fine powder)
2. Water – 640 ml

Arjuna powder is added with water in the said proportion, taken in an wide mouth vessel, boiled in mild fire while stirring continuously, reduced to 160 ml, filtered. This is Arjuna Kashayam.

Step 2

Take Arjuna kashayam – 160 ml
Ghee – 40 grams
Arjuna powder – 10 grams
(Arjuna powder : Ghee : kashayam = 1:4:16 ratio)

Boil this mixture in mild heat till all the moisture is lost. Watch for the final signs when ghee is completely made, and stop it at that precise point. (watch the video above).

Filter it when it is hot.  Finally you should get 30 – 40 ml of product.

Arjuna ghritam is ready.

Advantages, Dose

Advantage: This product contains both the water and fat soluble phytochemicals of the herb Arjuna.

Dose: Remember that this tutorial is only for educational purpose. It is always better to take this Ghritam under professional advice. As a general rule, for those who wish to have a strong heart, it is advised by Ayurvedic doctors in a dose of 1 – 3 grams daily, in the morning, before food.

It is advised to take half a cup of warm water after taking this ghee, for easy digestion.


Ayurveda explains the benefit of this ghee as ‘Hrudya” –  which carries the meanings such as – good for heart and supports and promotes heart function.

Disclaimer: This article is only meant for education and is not a substitute for advice from a qualified healthcare professional. Consult your doctor for further advice.

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