Useful Herbal Home Remedies For Cold, Nausea and Stress

This is a guest post by Mr Allison Dean

Cayenne Pepper – Throat Pain and Congestion Reduction
Cayenne pepper is for more than spicing up your food. For years, hundreds in fact, cayenne pepper has been used to treat the following:

Cold and congestion: Cayenne pepper is known to raise your body’s temperature, which encourages blood circulation throughout the body; this coupled with the spicy-ness of the herb can help relieve nasal congestion when ingested.

Sore throat relief: Cayenne pepper is also known to aid in the soothing of a sore throat. Combine the spice with warm water/herbal tea/lemon juice and honey, and then gargle the concoction every 15 minutes until your throat is soothed. Here’s how it works: Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, a chemical that causes nerve endings to secrete Substance P out of the cells, the said substance resides in. When Substance P is completely secreted from nerve ending cells, it causes a warm sensation and pain signals to cease transmission to your brain. So effectively, cayenne pepper stops your brain from understanding that you are in pain, temporarily.

Garlic – Arterial Plaque Reduction
Eating raw garlic has been shown by several studies to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, which effectively reduces arterial plague buildup; it is believed to do this because of the chemical it contains called, “allicin”. Plague buildup is what causes heart related issues, such as heart attacks, strokes, and poor blood circulation.

Ginger – Nausea Reduction
Ginger root has long been known to aid in the reduction of nausea. According to the National Library of Medicine, the chemicals in ginger, “work primarily in the stomach and intestines, but they may also work in the brain and nervous system to control nausea.” Ginger is believed to help with everything from morning sickness to nausea from migraines.

Ginseng for energy and Calming
Ginseng is an herb found in many of our teas, and even in those unhealthy energy drinks. However, consumed as an herbal remedy, it is believed to give its consumers a calming feeling and, thus, it works to reduce stress. It also helps its consumers’ bodily functions normalize; the result of this is increased energy as the body starts performing as it should.

Allison Dean is a writer bringing to us at home remedies for common ailments and health problems.

7 thoughts on “Useful Herbal Home Remedies For Cold, Nausea and Stress”

  1. Hi Doctor,

    Is it the siberian ginseng that helps with anxiety/depression and is it okay to take if one has mainly Kapha constitution followed by pitta? Also, any possible side effects or reactions caused by ginseng, especially if one is already taking small dose of high blood pressure medication, Betta Blocker? Thanks.

    • Hi, it is ok to take siberian ginseng for people with Kapha and Pitta body type. There is apparently no side effect if it is taken along with beta blocker. However, it is best to maintain a gap of an hour between these two medicines. (beta blocker and ginseng)


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