How Long To Take Chyavanprash? [video]

Once you start taking Chyavanprash, how long should you continue it?  

If you are accustomed to taking Chyavanprash over a period of many years, then  there is no reason to fear continuing it. There is no harm in it. But if you are not sure about the quality of your Chyawanprash brand or you do not like the taste or wish to take it only for particular seasons of the year, here are a few tips to follow.

If you wish to limit intake of Chyawanprash for only a selected time period of the year, then the selection of such season depends on your overall body immunity and disease affinity.

1. If you are taking Chyavanprash to improve respiratory health, as in case of Asthma, bronchitis etc, then it makes sense to take Chyawanprash during winter and summer season, where our respiratory system needs some boosting.

2. If you are taking Chyawanprash to improve your overall immunity, then it makes sense to take Chyavanprash during rainy season and during summers. As per Ayurveda principles, during summers, the body immunity will naturally be low. During rainy season, we tend to catch infections pretty easily.

Taking chyawanprash only in limited selected seasons is also a wise choice because many of the companies use preservatives in Chyawanprash.

In the original formula, there is no mentioning of the use of any preservatives. Chyawanprash prepared as per the formula can hold its qualities for a period of  6 – 12 months. But to improve the  shelf life of Chyawanprash, many companies do add preservatives. The information regarding preservatives is often not mentioned on the labels. If you have any query to make regarding the nature of preservative used, call the customer care number printed on the label of Chyawanprash.

Note: It does not implicate that the use of preservatives is harmful. But use of products with preservatives for years together, without medical supervision is not desirable.

15 thoughts on “How Long To Take Chyavanprash? [video]”

    • Garlic, fiber rich diet are the best ways to curb cholesterol.
      There are also Ayurvedic medicines to lower cholesterol. Consult your doctor for the same.

  1. If you take small spoon of chyawanprash in the morning with cold milk, it will not cause any heat.
    Any good brand of chyawanprash should be good to take.

  2. Dear Sir,

    iam having thyroid problem most of the times i will suffer from irregular menses.from last month onwards i had started Chywanprash in morning time and safi at bed time.will these really help me

    • Though they are not specific medicines for thyroid problem, they can be taken as general tonic.

  3. I am getting too addicted to Patanjali Chawanprash, especially as it helps me cut out on hunger pangs and overeating. I have used Dabur sporadically before this.
    Are there any known long-term side-effects of overdosing on Chawanprash (having 4-5 tbsps in one day without any milk following it). I have not seen any issues short-term (Am 95 Kg, 6’2″ in height and 39).

    • Sir, There is an age old adage saying “Anything in excess is bad” same thing applies here too. So would advise you to cut down the excess intake of it.

      • Thanks doctor. I have cut down to 2-3 spoons of Chyanprash now. After Panchakarma since March 2016 (Vaman, Virechan, Basti) I have cut down my weight by 12Kgs to 84Kg and have been able to maintain it to date with lots of consumption of warm fluids with my food.


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