Do Ayurvedic Medicines Contain Added Steroids? [video]

Often many patients who experience good results with Ayurvedic medicines tend to ask the Ayurvedic doctor, if the prescribed Ayurvedic medicines contain steroid. It is really a question on the morality of Ayurvedic system of medicine.

The question is not unreasonable because 1 – 2 % of bad ayurvedic companies do that. But adding steroids or any other allopathic components to Ayurvedic medicine is illegal, immoral and unethical. This is quite similar to any product of any other industry where some black cats exist. Select a genuine doctor who would select good quality Ayurvedic medicines from a genuine company and you are safe. The only way in which an Ayurvedic medicines bring about therapeutic efficacy is due to the herbal ingredients that it contains. Nothing else.

4 thoughts on “Do Ayurvedic Medicines Contain Added Steroids? [video]”

  1. My mother died on Feb this year, antibiotics went ineffective ….. She complained stomach aches, loss of weight…. Finally caught pneumonia. In Nov 2017 some friend of her suggested some doctor she went to doctor and brought Ayurveda medicine for her pain for joint in legs few days she was happy no pain but later degradation in her health occurred. On the last day doctor asked us whether she was taking any steroids before why antibiotics were not effecting. We said she was taking some ayurvedic medicine as she took treatment in city other than we stay so we don’t know detail about medicine doctor.Finally she gave up and left us.
    Today I brought her ayurvedic medicine sample report and they are STEROID postive we never knew this We are surprised.

    • Hi, which type of steroid is also important to know. Plants grow. For their growth, they produce phytosteroids. These safe phytosteroids are present in day to day used vegetables as well.


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