10 Tips to Reduce The Risk of Breast Cancer

This is a guest post by Tess Mathews.

Women who maintain the health of their breast can reduce the risk of succumbing to breast cancer. They can escape the symptoms even if cancer has struck a close blood relative. Engaging in regular physical activity, drinking alcohol in moderation and maintaining a healthy weight are some ways of avoiding cancer. There are numerous ways people can reduce risk of breast cancer. Some of those tips are listed below:

prevent breast cancer

1. You need to eat healthy to stop yourself from succumbing to cancer of the breast. By embracing a diet whose content is low in refined carbohydrates, fatty foods and low in sugar, you can avoid this fatal disease.

2. You need to be a teetotaler to make sure you avoid breast cancer. This is mainly because alcohol is associated with breast cancer. Women need to limit their drinking to one drink a day. This will reduce the chances of women succumbing to breast cancer.

3. You need to keep physically fit to reduce the risk of breast cancer. With the increase in physical activity, the chances of breast cancer attacking fall by 10-30%.

4. You might want to consider before taking an estrogen-blocking drug. Remember any woman can be a casualty of breast cancer. So, women who are above the age of 60, should talk to their doctors regarding the pros and cons of estrogen-blocking drugs.

5. Make sure you maintain your weight proportionate to the Body Mass Index. Women suffering from obesity, have a greater risk of being a victim of breast cancer. And an obese menopausal woman has more chances of succumbing to cancer.

6. Breastfeeding is another method of reducing the chances of breast cancer. Women who have breastfed their children for at least a year have lesser chances of being breast cancer patients.

7. You need to avoid taking hormone replacement therapy. The menopausal hormone therapy may increase the chances of cancer. If at all the therapy is required, you should limit it to within 3 years.

8. For the smokers in women, here is a bit of bad news. The researchers have mentioned that long term smoking is associated with the increased chances of breast cancer in women.

9. While you are recovering you can also be a part of breast cancer support & research institutes to spread awareness amongst other patients and survivors. It will also keep your mind off the disease spreading in your body.

10. To know more about the breast cancer you can be a part of the cancer research study. You can be a part of the research and gain valuable insights on treatments and also exchange notes with both the researchers and fellow cancer patients.


Tess Mathews is a health-admirer and is specifically interested in writing about women’s issues. The topics that she is currently working on include sharing breast cancer info and making breast cancer donation.

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2 comments on “10 Tips to Reduce The Risk of Breast Cancer

  • Kamal

    20/03/2017 - 6:14 pm

    Doctor, please enlighten us with what ayurveda says are the causes of breast cancer.

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    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

      17/04/2017 - 10:07 pm

      There are no specific causes mentioned.

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