Merry Christmas! How Festivals Improve Health

Christmas is here! Merry Christmas! Greetings and Wishes to all of you. May the New Year be full of health, wealth and longevity.

Festivals are the way to improve health. Festivals fill our mind and body with energy and happiness. Let us find out how festivals improve health.

Festival benefits:
Festivals like Christmas builds family bonding and happiness, and relieves depression. One of the major cause for depression is lack of bonding, loneliness and inability to share the feelings. Hence, family get together in festivals gives a chance to relieve depression.

Festivals relaxes the mind and energizes the body with better eating habits.
Festivals and prayers connects us to the souls.

Festivals relieve stress.

Stress, depression and negative feelings have a direct effect on our health. These increase free radicals which accumulate in the tissues of organs, leading to chronic diseases. So, relaxing and de-stressing yourself is very necessary in the fast paced world.

Positive thoughts in mind helps to improve health.

So, on the eve of Christmas, With the grace of Almighty, May the new year bring  happiness and positive thoughts in your mind and in your life.

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