Completing One Year Of Successful Ayurveda Blogging

Dear Reader,

On Seventh August 2010, my Ayurveda blog completed one year. All my Ayurveda. In this one year, with 134 published articles, 290 comments, 23 categories, 44 subscribers, and 57,000 views, I feel my blogging venture is quite successful.
I am one among the thousand bloggers featured in Ufollow.

In this one year, I have answered more than 250 personal health inquiries via email communication, around 20 inquiries from Skype and around 25 inquiries via telephone from over 20 countries.   Many of the inquirers are my friends now. A special thanks to them .

I would like to thank you all for the support, and I promise to write more and more useful articles, that could help improve lifestyle of everyone.  My aim is to make Ayurveda understandable to all in the easiest way and to make Ayurveda,  a way of life of all my readers.  I am of firm opinion that, with simple and very easy Ayurvedic home remedies & techniques, Ayurveda can be very easily adopted in our lifestyle, and thus we can avoid  many of the diseases that we usually suffer from. The ancient knowledge of Ayurveda was relevant, thousands of years ago, is relevant today and will be relevant for thousands of years to come.

If you want me to write on any health topic, please let me know. I will surely cover the topics in my future articles.

Blessed to be an Indian. Blessed to be a student of Ayurveda.

Wishing you good health.


Dr JV Hebbar

3 thoughts on “Completing One Year Of Successful Ayurveda Blogging”

  1. congratulations on completion of one year. may Goddess Saraswati give you more knowledge to learn and cure more people.

  2. Congratulations Doctor ! I am very happy for the blog dedicated to Ayurveda… wish you the best, to write many more articles and spreading ayurveda to the household.


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